As Bats Swarm Through the Purple Shadows

img_2855I finished this little bear  just shy after sundown. I have to sell him tonight, so I had to take a picture of him quickly, as I was racing against sunset. And there, as the bear sat cradled in the crook of my door’s threshold, I watched the bats come out, gobbling up the zika-skitas (as we’ve come to call mosquitoes in Florida these days). They flurried and bounced, frolicked and flounced, and I could not help but stop and take notice.

The light began to dim, the shadows began to conquer, and though I should apologize for the quality of the photograph, it looks right to me. Deeply detailed in purples that hint at shadows, as bats danced and dined above, that bear looks just right as the sun declines. Some purple hues are only beautiful when the light quiets, when the bright glare of the beautiful sun takes a moment to rest, and lets the other colors come forth for a while. And the bats applaud.

He’s ready for a home. And there is only one. If you’d like him, click here.




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