Just Married

img_2873z2Home. Couldn’t help it. I had all ideas I’d be reserved and well put together. Nope. I started bawling the minute Phillip put his pen to the paper. And I haven’t stopped. 🙂 We’ll update with a video later of how “beer and pizza” reception. Just taking a moment to keep all of you with us on this very special day.

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  1. Best of happiness to you two. Enjoy your day and the entire adventure of your future as it unfolds. We’ll be here – take your time before getting back to us. 🙂

  2. So happy and thrilled for you and Philip … Nothing’s greater than to have the one you love by your side through good times and through bad. Know that the best days, of both your lives, are ahead of you. I am a lot older than you both but I am still looking for “Mr. Right. Call me a dreamer! Wishing you many blessings and much happiness. Peace and love. Hugs, Tobias – Eloy, AZ

  3. May the most you wish for your lives together be the least you receive.
    Congratulations on the start of your new beginning ❣
    Love & Light . . .

  4. Aww, you got married on my anniversary. Very fortuitous! Congratulations to you both! Wishing you many years of happiness and hard work.

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