The Hangover Honeymoon!

…..and we’re recovering nicely, thank you πŸ™‚

It’s probably one of the shortest honeymoons in history. We started celebrating at about noon. Pizza was ordered, a few beers cracked, then Kara showed up with a bottle of wine. Mercy….As they say, never mix, never worry. We shouldn’t have mixed, is all I can say. But, we had a marvelous day. Laughed the whole time, cuddled when necessary, and giggled coyly at each other.

I have to say one of the highlights was when the pizza arrived. This truly nice old man (probably in his early 70’s) knocked on the door. I went outside to greet and pay him and he said, “Sounds like quite the party in there!” I couldn’t help myself, “Yeah! I just got married!” And he asked so innocently, “What’s the lucky girl’s name?” I said in the most deplorable baritone, “(BUUUUUURRRRP!) Phillip….”

Without missing a beat, he says, “You know I was married to my wife for 48 years. I’d still be with her if she hadn’t passed. Oh, I miss her. I got this job just to get out of the house. I still walked around, expecting to find her, or even the ghost of her somewhere there….alas, she is gone….”

I paused for a moment and said, “That is soooo SAD! What are you, Irish?”

He laughed, “Why, yes I am!”

“What’s your name?”


“If I ever order a pizza can I request you as a delivery driver?”

“Well, sure you can! Just ask if the old man is around. And I leave work at about 3 in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, Bill!”

I paid and went back to our little get together. I know I promised a video of our little reception, but to be truthful, my functions weren’t camera friendly πŸ™‚ And today, we’re both nursing our own individual hangovers, being slothy and lazy. I had to take this picture of Phillip. Just to show how far down the rabbit hole we have to crawl back from. I begged him, “PLEASE let me use this pic on my blog??? PLEASE???” And he responded quite appropriately, “It’s YOUR blog, why not a picture of you???”

“Dude, I have my career to think of…..”

And with a smile he said, “Fine, use the picture, but I want you to know I wanna be like Dolly Parton’s husband. Nobody knows who the hell he is….” (A kiss to my forehead). And this is why I love him.

img_27722So, there you have it, the perfect picture of our day after, honeymoon extravaganza. I can’t thank all of you enough for your well wishes, and your congratulations, and your prayers. We are both so grateful for all of you thinking of us on our wedding day. Tomorrow I meet Phillip’s family for the first time. I’m more nervous about meeting them than I was marrying him!

Thanks you all so much!

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  1. So many congratulations on this wonderful day. Sending wishes and hope that it is only the beginning of even more amazing things to happen soon! Like health restored and business booming and the occasional knot in your solar plexus disappearing for forever. With appreciation for your blog and you being you.

  2. You can’t beat your own personal pizza delivery person! And wow…that looks like it was quite the rabbit hole. Glad all went well. Keeping you in prayers and fingers crossed for meeting the in-laws. I’m sure they will like you. Just be yourself. Philip loves you and that is what counts!

  3. It sounds like the perfect day!!! And the pizza guy was just the topping!! I’m sure Philip’s family will love you!! xoxo

  4. Your “Our Song” should be Carole King’s “First Day of August”. Just change the words August to Autumn and July to Summer. Have a happy life together.

  5. Best wishes to you both. My husband and I celebrated 30 years in June. Just remember there will be some difficult times. My Bill and I toughted (sp?) it out during the bad times and now, in our 70s, we just remember the good. I wish the same for you.

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