hurricane-matthew-path-674160I thought I’d go ahead and blog. I haven’t in a while, but with the coming storm “Mathew,” I felt I should go ahead and say something, while we can. Now, having been through Charlie, the entire city was pretty much without power and provisions for a good week. With trees down everywhere, no truck could come in and supply. So, they’re telling us that Mathew is 10 times worse than that. It’s about 9:45am on Thursday. He’s expected to be here sometime early tomorrow morning. With 100mph winds, no electricity, and no cell phones, we are as prepared as we can be. We have 3 days worth of water, a good 3 or 4 days worth of canned food, and a small Coleman stove with about 10 hours worth of gas. I’m prepping the windows with cardboard boxes (for flying projectiles). Thankful that we live in a concrete block building, the best we can hope for is that the initial wind won’t damage us too much. 100 miles per hour sustained is nothing to downplay. We’re expecting to be without power for a few days, and out of contact. So, if there is any kind of emergency, we thankfully have a fire station one block away. But, we just wanted to let you know that we are preparing, ready, and will do our best to weather the storm. We know that at some point, when the wall of the storm is closest, we’ll be in the bathroom (the central part of the building), just doing our best.

We ask that you not only keep Phillip and I in your thoughts and prayers, but all of those that will be affected. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.



  1. I’ve been thinking about you, with Mathew in the news. Best of luck in the coming storm. It sounds like you’ve thought through your preparations and will be fine. Enjoy some candlelit togetherness time in the bathroom. 🙂
    P.S. When do you get your new teeth? Soon, I hope.

  2. Stay safe. Sounds like you are prepared. We here in Kissimmee will be spending our time in the bathroom as well.
    Son in law is essential at work and myself, daughter, two grandbabies and 4 dogs will be at home. Scary stuff!!

  3. Keep safe and do give us a shout once your back up and running again, we do worry. We get very high winds up here in the north of Scotland, highest ever recorded was 125mph the next gust broke the measure and blew it down! most bad storms hit 80-90 so I know how disconcerting being inside listening to the winds and having no power. just keep safe.

  4. Yes, I’d be nervous too Patrick! Hang in there, break out the playing cards, and know that lots of us are thinking about you guys and everyone else down there and praying for safety from the storm. ❤ Wishing you well!

  5. Adding you to my prayers, my parents are south of you closer to Tampa and they are bracing too. Fill your pots and pans with tap water in case you need it. Be safe and let us know you are ok when you can.

  6. Keeping you and Phillip in my thoughts & prayers, as well as your kitties. Hope you won’t have any serious damage to the building where you live. Hope you’re stocked up on candles as well. May God keep you safe & sound until this awful storm is over.

  7. Keeping you all in my prayers and crossing my fingers for extra good luck. Throw some yarn for both you and Phillip in a bag with needles and hook, leave them in the bathroom, so you know they are close by and they’ll stay dry that way. Any eatable dry goods as well as matches or lighters,etc should be in plastic too, if they aren’t bottled or canned. Any empty bottles or containers should be filled with tap water so you have some thing to wash with, etc. If you run out of cardboard, hang towels or blankets over windows. It won’t keep the projectiles out, but it will slow them down a little and cut down on any broken glass spray. Be safe and take care, all of you. You will be in my thoughts.

  8. Sending positive vibes from Chelsea, Quebec…your preparations sound fine, one thing you might consider for future weather events is a weather radio; my parents used to live in Melbourne Fla and they had one and found it useful. Will look for your posting when all is well!

  9. The worst we had this year (so far) was 72 mph. I must say it was quite enough for me. We are in the south of Denmark.

    You seem prepared that is something. Aren’t there any shelters?

    I wish you and Philip and the cats all the best.

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