“Make America STRANGE Again….”

img_2916Phillip is unleashing a new squadron of Strange Friends to keep all of you on your toes. Oh, yes, Strange Friends have a tendency to keep you constantly aware. Strange Friends are intensely loyal, and will do anything they can to help you…..but, they all have their own quirks and weird little habits. Sometimes they say things out of line, and sometimes they do things that make you blush. But, most of the time, strange friends can be some of the best friends to have. Because what some people may find embarassing for a friend to do, another person may find it quite charming.

In his new group of Strange Friends, he has one former punk that refuses to age. “REAL punks NEVER age!” And another one that tried to hide in the dark and scare people….just for fun. But, no matter what he does, his bright tuft of white hair gives him away. Another friend looks like a hot dog, but instead of asking people if they’d like to be friends, he simply asks, in the most gentlemanly way possible, “Pardon me, but do you happen to have a hot dog already?” Phillip’s Strange Friends are all unique and off, odd and unusual, but the one thing they all have in common is what all REAL friends have: loyalty.

Take a peek at Phillip’s new group of Strange Friends by clicking here!



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