A Beautiful Stack of Books

img_2919There is nothing more beautiful than when an author gets his first batch of books, opens the box, and finds his work finally printed. All of that hard work, long nights, and fights with yourself about what you WANT to say and HOW to say it all finally come to beautiful, sudden fruition. You open that box and you find all of that has become a wonderful reality. All of your work comes to life.

Now, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything in hardcover, and it’s interesting how different it is. It feels prominent and permanent in my minds. It feels timeless. With 6 books under my belt, I finally had one in hardcover. YAY! ….YAY!

Now, in terms of Amazon and Lulu, it’ll be mass produced in paperback. But, the signed copies are in hardcover.  I’m hoping for a big win here and hope the paperback does incredibly well. We’re waiting for Amazon to accept it for distribution (and for Kindle), but in the meantime, paperbacks are here, signed hardcovers are here.

I still look at that stack of books, ready to be signed, ready to be shipped and think, “We can do this. With one word written at a time, we’ll get there.”





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