Strange Friends Like to Read Good Books

img_2932Phillip’s newest group of Strange Friends got a hold of my new book. I woke this morning, stepped out into the sunlight with my coffee and there was the strange friend that’s always dancing, just sitting there with his back against the wall, staring into my book. His big eyes moved back and forth and he would gasp on occasion.

I asked, “What do you think?”

“I really like it! It’s filled with adventure, and excitement! I can’t put it down! Oh, and this whole business with the Moths! Very suspenseful,” he said nodding his head. “Very suspenseful indeed.”

“Don’t you love ‘Dad?’ How he knit all the toys for his son?”

“Oh, yes. I really love how creative ‘Dad’ is….but,” he paused looked at me and smiled and said, “I love how you put one of Phillip’s Strange Friends in the story. Nice touch, my friend. Nice touch. Feel like dancing?”

“I’m good, man….Glad you’re loving the book. Just don’t EAT it when you’re done with it.”

If you’d like to see Phillip’s new batch of Strange Friends, click here.

If you’d like to get a hardcover copy of the book, click here, or for paperback, click here. 






  1. Gregory, you are changing the very fabric of humanity with all that you’re doing. You are knitting more love and acceptance into every fiber of who we are. Bless you for becoming the man you are!

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