A Very Brave Tale For Young Knitters

img_1013I can’t thank all of you enough for the support you’ve shown with my new book. I put a lot of work into this book. And I can’t speak for other writers, but I have to confess, when you stretch your limits, and go places you wouldn’t normally venture, you see random things you had forgotten about, etched quietly in the defining moments of youth that have made you the adult you are now. And the best thing about writing a children’s book was that (from THIS side) I was able to revisit painful things, imagine them as they were, but change them to break some kind of cycle in my own psyche. Or rather, I inadvertently started talking about myself without realizing it. And once I was aware of writing pieces of my own childhood, I found that I was giving myself a little bit of advice: don’t be afraid. Be brave. For the love of friend’s and family can conquer anything.

It was an interesting story to write, and the each of those little knit animals are indeed, clinging to a past they can’t seem to get over….until the bravery of one little knit teddy bear saves them.

teddyfrontIf you’d like to read an excerpt, click here.

Signed hardcovers are here, and paperbacks are here.Β 




  1. I am looking forward to getting my own copy πŸ™‚ I will be putting a note on Godreads when I am done πŸ™‚ I do hope it does very very well.

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