Strange Friends from the Past

vlcsnap-2016-11-07-16h50m08s179When I was in high school, one of my “strangest” of friends was Chris Moore. If ever there was a class clown, it was him. He was quite the goof ball. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was sincere, kind, and never said a mean about anyone, he was just untamed and wild, always pulling pranks, or making jokes. If you wanted someone around who made you laugh, it was Chris. But, since we went to high school in Europe, it’s not as if you get to graduate together, stay in the same town together, end up growing older knowing the same people. Keep in mind that back then letters and phone calls were the only correspondence. But, no matter how hard you try and stay in touch, with each of your classmates going back to different parts of the world, it’s easy to lose touch.

One blessing of the internet is it’s ability to help us rekindle with forgotten friends. I had always wondered what happened to him, and I was amazed at how solid (and tame!) he turned out. He’s a carpenter, lives in a small town in North Carolina, is a single dad to a daughter he home schools, and loves to write and perform country/folk/gospel music. LOVES it. I couldn’t imagine this crazy smiled guy that I went to high school with turning out so wonderfully! He has devotions that we can all appreciate. God, his daughter, and his music. He LOVES making music. And I can imagine the stresses and beauties of being a single dad in this world can produce some truly stirring poetry.

But, then he mentioned today that he was selling his gear, his music equipment. I just assumed that he was selling it to help pay for new stuff. Apparently not. His daughter’s computer had crashed, and with her being home schooled, her laptop is vitally important to her education. So, with money being too tight to just rush out and buy a new laptop, he did what all really good fathers do. He decided to sacrifice his passion for his little girl. He was going to sell his music equipment to pay for a new laptop.

I was touched. I truly was and I popped in and said, “No, no, no. Hold on….Let me see what I can do to help, but don’t sell that equipment just yet.”

I have been so blessed by so many people. When you decide you’d like to pay those blessings forward you realize there is no need for to make grand gestures to solve the world’s problems,. If you want to do something to help put that beautiful, caring energy back into the world, sometimes, small moments, and little things that we may find incidental, can quietly show up one day. Like, a friend in need.

I may not have a lot of money, but I do have an audience of very caring and wonderful people. So, if I could use this platform to help him out, then that’s what I could do to help. I want to help my friend get a replacement laptop so she can continue her home schooling. Many may not think that’s such a worthwhile cause, but I keep thinking about him already struggling to raise his daughter alone, and him considering selling the things he’s passionate about to help her. That’s the part that deserves reward. It truly does.

If you’d like to help out Chris and his daughter, just click here. Anything he receives goes straight to him.

Hope you’re all well. If you’re surrounded by love, you’re doing just fine 🙂






  1. Your heart in the right place and you mean well. I wish your friend and his daughter all the best. Been there, done that, but to me this sort of situation is part of day to day life for us sole parents. We’d cut our own hearts out to save our own kid’s lives if we had to…that’s just part and parcel of every day life.

  2. Just had a thought. It’s a well known fact that buskers earn more money per day in tax free dollars than they would if they were on welfare or even part or full time employment. Your friend could busk his way to getting his daughter the computer she needs within a week, easy… He’s got talent, and his tools of the trade, he can use them to make ends meet. Tradies can’t work without their tools. When times are tough, they don’t sell their tools, they use them in some other way to find their way through hard times.

    Sadly, I never had any skills to use, so had no choice but to sell off possessions…

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