Strange, Random Things

img_2946I am SO thankful to all of you for helping out my friend Chris get his daughter a laptop. You’re encouragement and kindness are so touching. I’m proud to be your friend. Thank you!

Thank goodness the election is finally over! So, let’s all move forward and wish our country the best, rally together and become a United States of America. It’s a new day in America, so let’s embrace it, make the country work. Our biggest problem has been divisions on all fronts. We now have the opportunity to end all of that with one simple concept: quit denouncing each other.

Today is the 27 anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling. I still have a scar on my leg from that night. Beautiful story, would love to write about it one day. Actually, I had often thought about writing about my years in Berlin. Dorky kid turns Goth God in the underground of Berlin’s club scene. Lot’s of self discovery, lot’s of beautiful moments with the backdrop of the Berlin Wall falling  in the background, and cultures changing in the foreground. Great story of coming into manhood. Yeah, perhaps I will write that book one day.

I’m very proud of Phillip’s hard work on his Strange Friends. They really are becoming well received, and I love watching him get more and more creative with them and letting them evolve. He’s added a few more to his collection. You can check them out here.

We’re still waiting for my book to arrive on amazon. It takes….forever. But, the best I can hope for on amazon is more exposure, but hopefully that exposure will turn to volume. I get $1 per book when sold on amazon. I get $5 per book when sold on lulu. I get $7 per book when the hardcover is bought on my blog. Just so you know 🙂

Phillip and I are still thinking about doing a reading from the book, in excerpts, to put on line. We’re also trying to think of other things to promote the book, and with both of us being creative, I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Hope you’re all well! God bless!



  1. How about doing the audio book – nothing like hearing the author read his own work. I agree too about stop the divisiveness and denouncement. We are more divided now than we were ten years ago and we’ve all lost with the kind of behavior that’s been going on. Time for the temper tantrum kids to grow up and be adults.

  2. I love you guys! Thanks for the encouragement. As a newly declared Lesbian (at 61 years of age, better late than never), I’ve been very frightened the last 24 hours. Everyone in the community has been so positive in this negativity. Thank you, thank you.

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