Live From Orlando, Florida….

img_2918I have decided to something rather interesting. I guess if you consider the amount of promotion that’s at my disposal, I really could do a lot of promotion for my new book without having to do a traditional book tour. So, I’ve decided to do a live reading. Yeah! A live reading from the book on my facebook page 🙂 It’ll be fun! Maybe I’ll do a quick little Q & A afterwards.  I do need to drum up book sales, and I’ll let this be a lesson I shall have learned from henceforth. Never release ANYTHING during election season. The media, the internet, the conversation overwhelmed everything and no one was paying attention to anything that wasn’t related to the arguments and fights and scandals. But! That’s ALL over now, and with some political fatigue setting in, what could a better remedy than a cute little book about a teddy bear trying to figure out how to help a little boy? Looking at my calendar, I’m leaning on doing the live reading on Saturday the 19th of November. I figured that was enough time to get the word out. I also think sometime midday EST would be good. If I do it at 3 o’clock, west coast of the US could see it around noon, and UK and Europe would see it about 9pm. So, pretty standard times when most people are awake.

I’m actually pretty excited about it! Being on camera will be odd for me. I haven’t had pics taken of me or anything like that since I lost so much weight due to my teeth. Oh, and I got so pale and so thin, I looked awful. But, I started feeling better a few months ago, started putting some weight back on (but, no matter what I do, I will never weigh more than 130 pounds). And with a little color back in my cheeks, I think I feel well enough to be seen again. So, I really am pretty excited. I hope I don’t mess it up, since it will be live. 🙂


Phillip still has two of his Strange Friends that are ready to make NEW friends. If you’d like to see them, click here.

The signed hardcover of my book can be found here. 🙂 Enjoy!

UPDATE!!!! We just checked amazon and it HAS been listed and eligible for prime! YAY! So, click here to see it on amazon! woo hoo!!!!




  1. Hi Gregory,

    What’s the ISBN of this latest book and we can get it added to (since available through Amazon, I presume)? I know a couple of your other books are already on but maybe getting it onto people’s to-read lists and links to purchase on Amazon will also help?

    Just another potential brainstorm around getting the word out.

    Congrats once again. If I had FB I’d listen in on your reading. 🙂

  2. Oh, and if people have purchased your books, you should encourage them to rate your books on the larger sites, too, to help promote additional visibility outside of your usual crowd of fans. 🙂

  3. Great news and a great idea! Will put it on the calendar. I just received your book and the great T-Shirt, can’t wait to start reading. Back to the knitting…cheers from Canada…Mel

  4. A live reading – that’s a GREAT idea! Please be sure to record it for those of us who will be forced to watch a replay, however. I don’t want to miss it, but I’ll be working. I will hope to be able to see it when I get home from work.

  5. Got the hardcover of your wonderful book. Yeah! Congrats on getting on Amazon! Also I see Phillip’s strange friends are all sold out again. (They are kind of addicting.) I’m a night shifter so I’m not quick enough to get them very often. They are much more solid then I originally expected. Does he put more than just stuffing in them? (Still haven’t mastered the double ended needles, so I still haven’t been able to make myself a bear.) I can knit a little but no where near the skill you have, Gregory. So it looks like I’m stuck with crocheting if it’s anything more complicated that a scarf or baby blanket. Hope both of you keep on stitching!

  6. I live in Denmark and will have to buy your book via Amazon, because when I buy from your website I don’t get the opportunity to send the book directly to my niece in Oregon. For myself I will have to wait for the e-book. The postage to and from Denmark is just too expensive.

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