There Will Be No Apologies Today

DSCF2040Martha Stewart said, “Whatever you do, don’t talk about politics. I lost 100,000 followers when I mentioned my political views.”

And she’s right. We really shouldn’t, in this particular climate, endorse anyone without fear of backlash.

…..but, I don’t work that way. I have done my best to keep silent on this blog about my political inclinations over the past few weeks, but as anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows, there is no question that I am a conservative. I’m even one of those rare gay conservatives that the media doesn’t talk to you about. Apparently, if you’re gay, you’re not ALLOWED to be a conservative…..the conservatives didn’t say that, the liberals did. And trust me, your fellow gay friends finger point and admonish any chance they get….

I got a few comments on my blog that I don’t show, because I think they’re foolish. “You’re losing numbers by the thousands because of your conservative facebook rants.”

“You don’t care about LGBTQ? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF GAY???? You’re like a Jew working for HITLER!”

“You’re an uneducated white male. Of course you supported Trump.”

I have got to be honest with you. I really don’t care. I have struggled, I have busted my ass, I have worked my fingers to the bone, and I am in no way apologetic about my political views. AND I NEVER TOOK ONE DIME from public assistance, because I had a sense of honor. Doesn’t mean people that do take public assistance don’t have that same sense of honor, but if these hands of mine could work for me, then I’d rather earn a living off my own hard work, rather than it being given from your tax dollars. Even then, I was still given an enormous tax bill for wanting to do this on my own, to make my life better by my own labor, to strive to do my damnedest not to demand via the government one red cent from someone else without working for it.

You want me to feel bad and apologize for supporting a candidate? Well, you’ll get no apologies here. And as children run through the streets, demanding, pitching fits, and destroying businesses, we see the truth of what they really want: silence everyone they disagree with. Yes, this inclusive breed has done a great job of using the media and social networking to force feed an ideology. Doesn’t matter what they ideology is. If it’s different from yours, there will be hell to pay.

Had Hillary won, the sensible side of us would have gotten mad, a bit terse and disturbed. But, we would have weathered it, grooming candidates to run against her in the senate in two years. We would NOT have boycotted businesses, we would NOT have torched the streets. We would not have digressed first into infancy, then into primitive man.

We do not follow mob rule in this country. We follow the law. You don’t get your way just because you demand it. You don’t get your way because you scream and yell. And you certainly don’t get your way by picking off the smaller businesses in the herd and killing them. I won’t let you do that. I’m too strong for that. I have battled deeper shit than you will ever imagine. So, if you want to take me to task, then here it is: you’re vile, repulsive and hypocritical. You don’t believe in inclusion, you believe in formation.

I don’t boycott business. Usually because I don’t care. If they make a great chicken sandwich, then I really don’t care about their political beliefs. You see, that’s the beauty in the foundation of this country. We don’t destroy one another for political beliefs, we encourage debate. We don’t silence people because they disagree with us.

And I did unfriend and block a few people through this election cycle, not because of their political beliefs, but because when asked about policy, they name called. They didn’t respond with conversational debate. They responded by calling me a fascist, bigot, racist. I will admit I said I could no longer be friends with someone who was voting to destroy the Republic, because I was standing with people who disagree with me. I was not going to allow people to push an agenda of censorship, separation, and destruction. Believe it or not, social justice warriors, by supporting my candidate I was supporting YOUR rights to say how bigoted I was. Because YOUR version would be this nonsense we’re all dealing with now: shred the constitution, screw freedom of speech, people shouldn’t be allowed to SAY their MINDS!!!! And if they do? SILENCE THEM!

Then? Then you started going after my supporters. No, no. You don’t want to do that. I’m terribly protective of the people that read this blog. I’m very supportive of them, as well. You don’t touch them. You have to go through me. I will not let you hurt them. They’re good people. They’re kind, giving, caring people. And if I hear of one more incident where one of my supporters was approached and treated unkindly, you will have to deal with me. I assure you, that’s not something you want to do. I’m smarter than you. I’m unemotional when I need to be protective. I’m more BALANCED than you are. If you want to get nasty. Leave them alone and come after me. They’re too good natured to mind. So I mind for them.

So, here is where someone in my position, to appease the screaming children and save my business would go, “ok, ok….I got it. I’m an awful person, you’re right.”

No. You will find NO apologies here today for my standing for my country, my principles, my livelihood, and my supporters. These people that follow my blog, read my books, and send me best wishes me more to me than you will ever EVER know. I am VERY protective of them.

Do your best to destroy my supporters and me in the public square. I’ve got some of that anger from being homeless still in me that is just dying to get out. I keep a close watch on it, and I do my best to keep it in check, promoting humility, peace and patience, instead.

…but don’t you think for a moment I won’t unleash it to protect myself and the people I care about.





  1. Well said. I didn’t vote for either candidate for my own personal reasons but still find myself defending why I’m not angry about Trump being the President. Our country is so divided now…we must look beyond our differences to find out similarities.

  2. I would like to “like” this, but apparently I have to “register” first. My kindle won’t let me register for some, so just know that I LIKE what you had to say.

  3. Amen, my friend. I, and millions of others who support the LBGTQ+ community, have your back as you have ours, as Americans. I have many gay conservative friends, including my son, who voted for Trump and have been called every name in the book and we have all been talking the uninformed off of ledges all week. With love and no apologies.

  4. Thank you. Regardless of the topic- bears, books, friends, or current events, you always put hope and respect back on the table.

  5. Thank you. I have shared my political thoughts when asked by being as logical and fact based about the issues as possible while I have listened to much of the media, commentators and, in one case, a close friend, call me racist, xenophobic, fascist and backward. Mind you, I’m no angel, but I certainly don’t fit those labels. I’m a single white woman with a graduate degree, I’m relatively well-traveled (38 states, 16 countries and [God willing] counting), and my two best friends are gay. Although I may fit the Hillary demographic, I’m a life-long conservative who believes in the power of the individual, self-reliance, hard work and limited government. Like you, I’ve found that the more liberal a friend tends to be, the less accepting of those unlike them they tend to be as well. Up is down, my friends.

    Much love to you for expressing your views and allowing for our comments!

  6. I completely disagree with you politically but I also find your story inspirational and I support your tenacity in every possible way. I appreciate your tone when talking about political issues even while I don’t agree with virtually anything you say. I have bought 3 of your bears and your book because I support your art. I believe there has to be room for us to hear in a respectful manner those who disagree with us politically or the tone of our country will never get better. I honor the light in your and I in turn hope you honor the light in me.

  7. I still don’t understand. And I still disagree. However….I choose to accept the person you are, because I have looked past your political view to see the good in you. And there’s a lot of it! Doubtless, you and I will disagree on religion as well. (I’m Pagan) But unless you tell me I’m evil, wrong, going to hell, etc., I respect your right to your beliefs. I didn’t join your blog because of your political or religious stand; I joined because of what you have done with your life. And I admire that. (But you’re still wrong! lol lol lol lol lol teee heeee)

  8. I’ve enjoyed your blogs for some time now and felt sad for your difficulties, applauded your triumphs and your happiness. I’ve never read the comments, or even noticed that they were here until today’s blog. I just enjoyed reading what you had to say. I began reading today and had no idea what it was all about. It seems to be about spats over politics, but that’s as much as I can figure out. Despite having only a vague guess as to what this is about, it somehow felt like it involved me. And I felt as though I’m not welcome here now. I’m sorry about that. I really enjoyed your writing and kept wondering when I would have extra money to buy a teddy bear. It’s unfortunate, but I really do not feel welcome any longer.

  9. What is missing is compassion, cooperation, and acceptance. And while I look at politics differently then you, you will never hear me call someone names. I actually love to sit and listen to different viewpoints so as long as labeling, put downs and worse doesn’t occur!

  10. Wishing you good health in the future. I’m out of here, thank you for honestly stating your beliefs. I do not share them and find myself ashamed that I cared about your plight and followed your trials and tribulations. We are all still learning & you have a long, LONG way to go. Oh, by the way,

  11. Would you say that you are a fiscal conservative, but not a conservative concerning the social issue of same sex marriage. We have elected a vice-president who is determined to somehow stop same sex marriage. He has also said that all federal AIDS funding should be stopped and that money should be used to cure gays of their homosexuality. As a gay man I could not support an administration of that nature. I think you are fine just as you are and I think that you and Phillip should be allowed to remain married. Only time will show us what happens concerning that. Here is an altered quote from a Betty Davis Movie: Fasten your seat belts it is going to a bumpy ride for LGBT people during the next four years.
    I wish that the people protesting the election would have held off until an issue comes up worthy of a protest. I wish that people would be more civil in expressing their opinions.

  12. I agree. The childish temper tantrums baing thrown show all too well the level of maturity of those throwing the tantrums. I have a God-given right, supported by our Constitution to speak my mind, as they do as well. I am not in any way obligated to agree with them or be forced to cooperate in the destruction of America. After the multitude of failed socialist/communist governments you’d think there would be the correct lesson taken – they don’t work and if they don’t work trying to make them over and over is insanity. Thank you for standing strong, I salute you. It shouldn’t matter what one does in the privacy of one’s home regarding their sexual orientation as long as those relations are between consenting adults. Time for the poor little angry children to grow up.

  13. Well said. I am a total leftie, but I was born and raised in a red state. I’m in a politically mixed marriage. Although I can’t stand Trump, I love and respect many people who voted for him. We need all the values to succeed as a country.

  14. Good for you! As a liberal I felt like we had two bad choices. I couldn’t in my heart vote for trump but Hillary was no better. I just hope he shakes things up and truly makes a better world for us.

    I spent 3 years on welfare. In that time I went to school and gained a career. I had two kids and no skills. I was grateful for the help. I wish I could have done what you have done.

    Keep up the rants, some of us want to say it but we don’t know how!

  15. I fundamentally disagree with everything you have said in this post and I will feel horrible for everyone, you and Phillip included, when Trump outlaws gay marriage. But we will agree to disagree because I don’t believe everyone should share the same beliefs. I don’t think you should apologize for your beliefs, nor should you pay attention to those who attack or criticize.

    I don’t see the people protesting in the streets as “children” and I think it’s short sighted to say so. If the shoe were on the other foot, Republicans would be behaving in the same manner. As it is, because Trump won, his supporters (present company excluded, of course) feel they have tacit permission to make racist, bigoted, misogynistic comments against anyone who didn’t support their candidate. The whole situation is incredibly sad.

    1. Trump just said on 60 Minutes that he would NOT outlaw gay marriage. He said it’s a done deal. I also disagree that there would be riots, disguised as protests, in the streets if his side lost. What are they protesting? Not getting the outcome they wanted?

      Did you see the rainbow flag he was given by his LGBTQ supporters last weekend? Of course not. It wasn’t on mainstream media. Did you know that the glass ceiling WAS broken by the first female campaign manager who helped win a presidential race? Of course not! That’s misogynistic?

      I have been maligned and insulted for months now without taking any action. I have said nothing about either candidate. I never even said anything when I found out about Podesta’s emails trying to undermine my faith, amongst other horrible things.

      The only thing I made sure that I did, without any question, was vote…

  16. Well, I guess I don’t belong here either. My objection to Mr Trump lies in the beliefs he openly stated. His bigotry is not something I can support. But, like you, I’m entitled to my beliefs and I while I read all you had to say, it simply failed to alter my opinion of the man or the danger he poses to all of us. I wish you well and hope that your assessment of his worth proves valid because in the 70 years he’s been kicking around on this planet the only person he has ever shown a shred of compassion for is himsel.

    Is there a way to unsubscribe to your newsletter? I really think I should

  17. Have purchased books and a bear from you and followed your story for years…but I can not support your views or how you have presented them. This should not be about this side or that side. It should be about saying no to a man that openly supports hatred, division, racism and misogyny. And did you forget the violence surrounding his rallies? Reread this post and see the discriminatory language used against ‘the other side’. Deeply saddened by this post and no longer feel welcome here.

  18. This country was born and created on the foundations such as the right to have our own opinions, and the freedom to choose how we support those beliefs and opinions. No one should have the right to take that away from us. That being said, the mobs and people throwing fits because the election didn’t turn out the way they wanted or stating that they can’t support the fact each of us is entitled to our opinion and our freedom of choice, whatever that choice may be, don’t deserve to call themselves Americans. By their very actions, they disgrace and disrespect the blood shed and lives lost in the creation of the foundation of this United States of America. I am ashamed of the crap I see on the news and the words people spew without forethought or provocation. I can only imagine what people in other countries must be saying about the U.S. We were once a country that was held up as a shining example of democracy to other nations around the world, looked up to and admired.

    If she could, I’m sure the statue of Liberty would be hanging her head in disheartened shame, because “One nation, under God, indivisible…” has become a disgraceful sham. Gregory, you are very correct. There is no reason for you to apologize. People not wanting to follow your blog because of your beliefs is ludicrous.They are exercising the very rights, that they would trample, by leaving!! When is enough enough?

    Just voicing my opinion. Thank you, Gregory, for voicing yours.

  19. Thank you brother, as a white, Mormon, woman, conservative, I supposedly hate everybody. So untrue, and so sad to not know anothers heart without assumptions and name calling. Love you, proud of you, and appreciate so much, your work ethic and just who you are. May you be blessed.

  20. Please do not lump Progressives with the angry mobs. That’s like me lumping you with the haters and those who hope to reverse all of the gains this country has made. I believe in the sanctity of Man, not money.

  21. Thank you for being honest with your readers and standing up for your right to have the beliefs that you have. As as a gay man, I may not accept all of your beliefs, but I defend your right to have them. That is what Americans are supposed to do to protect the rights of everyone. I am shocked by the people who can no longer believe in you, and want to opt out of your life. I have followed you from the beginning, and I have always enjoyed what you have done. It shames me that others would base your worth and friendship on their beliefs. There is no unity in doing that. Keep up the good work you do. It brings smiles and inspiration to many.

  22. Thank you for posting this. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who is a conservative, and who makes decisions based on the old-fashioned conservative values. What I haven’t figured out yet is how to have a reasonable discussion with good folks who really believe the other candidate literally sacrificed babies to Satan to get where she is today, or that our sitting president is going to declare martial law or was born in Kenya or wants to implement Sharia law or some other hogwash. How do we get a rational conversation going again when so many people simply believe these things that are so outrageous, without a thought for fact-checking, with no discernment at all? Of course, they’ve been told the fact-check sites are also corrupt, and they believe that too.

    And, ok, I’ll go ahead and say it – I am concerned that the media mogul who propagated the lies has a significant position in the transition team at least, and likely the team going forward. I’m concerned about what appears to be brainwashing. Should this not concern me?

    But I see nothing in your post here that would drive me away. Rather I relish the possibility for sane discussion.

  23. Flames are good for roasting marshmallows on 🙂 people who feel their opinion means more than yours does, but your means nothing to them are worthless to you 🙂 I print out the worst and enjoy lighting my fires with them 😀 I may or may not agree with you but that is how the world works! I do love what you do, and respect your views and work. Well done for being seen as a threat to some poor souls who think we should have a label on us and only work in 2d! Enjoy 😀 you made them uncomfortable.

  24. As a person who does not agree with you politically, I do however support you and agree with you on your observations of this younger generation. I have always believed that before anything else, I am a proud American and although I am upset that my candidate did not win, you will not see me in the streets, protesting and destroying other people’s property. I also believe that if you think the “system” is bad, then it is up to you to change the “system”. You do this by working within the “system”, not trying to destroy it.

  25. Hugs Sweet Man! We have the right to disagree with other people. My best friend and I had a disagreement over boycotting a store I didn’t see the point and she was gungho; The point is, we are both mature, sensible women and we are not going to ruin our friendship over something like that. There are lots of people I don’t agree with but to spew hate at them because I disagree goes against what we are supposed to do. I am a conservative believer and I embrace what I believe. God does not call us to hate, He calls us to love. He doesn’t put conditions on our love, we are just told to love. I am not saying that people don’t irritate the snot out of me some days but I don’t hate them. We all have a bad day and we all have the right to have our own opinion but we don’t have the right to ram it down someone else throat. Anyone that walks away from you sweet friend, wasn’t your friend to begin with. Keep on, keeping on.

  26. Gregory.. I agree and support you completely.. Like you I am a Deplorable..A person’s political beliefs should not be held against them. I have a number of liberals on my friends list and only resort to unfriending or blocking if they are unkind to me personally. Not because of their political belief per se.

    I’ve replied before and told you that in 2012 I was homeless for a time. I was lucky in that I had a reliable car. I didn’t have to sleep under a bridge in 20 degree weather. I could at least move around within reason. Knitting saved my sanity. I would sit in the library much of the day with my knitting, my laptop, and wait for the next sale to come in. When the library closed I would head to one of several McDonalds in my area and set up in a corner table and try to be inconspicuous. All the while I was trying to find a job too. I was an LPN and finally obtained work in late March of 2013. On April 1st, one day before I was to start my new job I connected online with my now (3+ years) husband. Like you, I never took a dime of welfare and only used food pantries about 4 times out of complete desperation.

    Are you familiar with Deplorable Deb on Facebook?.. She lives in Florida also. She is quite a character.. Several of my friends follow her too. Look her up if you don’t know about her already. She is part of the LGBT community in addition.

    Keep up the good fight Gregory!

  27. So angry. I could scream. Ugh. I’m a woman. A Jewish woman. From Los Angeles. And a bilingual teacher. Everything that should mark me to the left of Che Guevara. But as a result of my life experiences (I was completely apolitical and when I started thinking for myself I thought I was alone in the world) I became conservative. Or rather, Conservative, re-registered as Republican. Voted for Trump. I’m also extremely well-educated, well-read blah, blah, blah. I am so sick of the immature, childish, racist, narrow-minded left and the left-wing media in this country. So I get you, totally. As a conservative, I could care less what your skin color, religion, or sexual orientation is. I want you to succeed. Period. I think only stupid people make pets of others who are different. It’s condescending and I hate it. So yeah, I feel ya. And those weren’t followers they were fakes. No loss.

  28. In addition to other things that people addressed already , I am having a hard time with the part where you say you never took one dime of public assistance because you have honor. You have “donate” now buttons all over your blog. What’s the difference?
    I am also not following any longer. When you can support a man that looks down on immigrants, handicapped, women, people of color and the LGBTQ community then you no longer get my empathy.

    1. Assuming you don’t know the difference between a donate button and welfare, where one is voluntary, and the other is forced taxation on another. But, of course you would. The left thinks that we have an endless supply of money just comes out of nowhere. See ya!

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