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We’ve lost quite a few supporters over the last few days. That’s ok. We’ll find new ones. I want to thank all of you that have decided to stand by me, and I cannot give my thanks enough to those of you that disagree with me, but still stand by me. That is not only gracious and kind, it is also, the exact point I was trying to make with my previous post.

I am not amazed at the number of people that left me over the last few hours. I expected it. But, as I said in my opening to this blog, we’ll find new supporters. After all, the majority of this blog is about inspiration, survival, self reliance. This blog of mine has been my megaphone for messages of peace, hope, compassion, and tolerance. And I pursue that message in the hand crafting of knit teddy bears.

Throughout my life I’ve made absolutely sure that I never lost hope. I took difficult situations and found some value in them. This moment won’t be any different. We find more supporters, we reach out to new people, we bring them into this beautiful network of people that care about each other, share with each other, and give to one another a kindness that is hard to find in this chilling world of anger and contempt.

I can only write about this life here, this one that I was given, this one that I enjoy even in its darker hours. Because I always see the light ahead. And I never falter in that. So, these are the writings of a man who has done his best to inspire you to do the same, from a perspective that I own, from a history that I have lived, from a contemplative practice of peace that only I can be blamed for.

So, we move on. We find new people to invite into this fold of kindred spirits. We may not always agree, but we do respect and care for each other here. We tackle big issues on a simple level, we help others in small ways, and we always take point of reflection. We always realize, recognize, and remember that our lives are more connected than we know.

It’s late. A touch around 9:30. But, there’s still so much work to do. I have a children’s book I’m trying to sell. So, I’ll be up, knitting my bears and peddling my books, because that is the only way to move forward. That is the only way to prove a point: we never give up and we never quit. Especially when it comes to doing what we can to spread some joy into the world. We never give up on spreading joy.

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  1. I’ve been so shocked at people’s reactions this week….it has been completely over-the-top….unlike anything I have seen in my entire 62 years.

    The past 8 years have been like Bizarro World and Orwell’s 1984. It has nothing to do with race or gender, but with a stifling oppressive ideology being foisted upon Americans.

    Read this….it explains a lot….

    Just continue being your steady reasonable mature wise fun sweet self. You cannot please everyone. Nor can you change anyone….it is up to every individual to “get over it” at some point in their lives, exercise some self-control, and stop lashing out at others when all does not go their way.

    It seems like some folks have no true sense of self and depend on the Government and their peers to define them. That is so sad.

    All you can do is be kind and loving. God will take care of the rest.

    Just wake up every day and be thankful for this new start for America. Don’t let the haters rain on your parade. Enjoy each day for the Gift that it is.

    For every supporter you’ve lost this week, there is another knitter out there who hasn’t discovered you yet. It will all even out!


  2. “We may not always agree, but we do respect and care for each other here.”

    That is the spirit and why I am still here. Because I do not really agree with your last post. Because that is – in my eyes – exactly what happens in the US, that people who have different opinions get bashed over the head, excluded etc. or even killed. Think of the way the homosexuals are being treated in large parts of American society. (Not that this behaviour is exclusively American …) And I am convinced that there would have been Republican “demonstrations” as well if Hillary had won. The pair has stimulated the hysteria so much with their dirty campaign that this reaction was inevitable though immature.

    And you don’t really have as free speech as you think either. One has to think what to say where, otherwise one gets yelled at, spit at, beaten up. A controversial discussion with Americans without being called names is nearly impossible. “Moron” and “imbecile” are among the harmless ones.

    I am from Europe where countries have a system with more than 2 parties. So there is not this “either, or”, “black and white” view of things. This attitude “if you are not with me, you are against me” (which I consider as moral blackmailing), no I am not, there are more possibilities than two.

    I notice when I discuss things with my American sister in law that she measures everything in democrats and republicans, because she does not know anything else. She even thinks that the democrats are leftwing. She has no idea what leftwing is …

    But I am still here, because I admire you and Phillip for your stamina in your struggle to survive. I love the teddybears and Phillip’s strange friends, and I think that you are a gifted author and therefore I have bought all your books as e-books (because of the postage 😉 ).


  3. I also do not totally agree with you but I respect your right to have an opinion that is different than mine. I will continue to follow you.

  4. Just keep on keeping on. We might not agree politically but we do agree on the approach of respect and tolerance and love for humanity and that is what I find in what you have to say and I am encouraged that it is possible to live one’s life that way regardless of political beliefs or labels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Thank you so much for being honest and genuine. I believe and have always believed that one should vote their conscience and that no one has a right to judge that vote. You speak and express your truth in everything that you right and it shines a bright light in a very dark place right now. We seem (as a nation) to have forgotten to respect each other and that each of us has the right to make these very personal choices for ourselves unless we are hurting others and breaking the law. Thank you for being you!

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