And Pray….

It’s a touch after midnight. I’m usually in bed this late. I actually DID go to bed somewhere around 9, fired up some “Murder, She Wrote” to just disappear in. (Yes, I do love my little old ladies. They make me feel safe). But, after three hours of flipping and flopping in bed, I decided to just go ahead and get out of bed and write…just write. Just, let it all go.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Obviously. Truth is, I’m actually pretty terrified on this end. My book just isn’t moving. It’s just….sitting there. We took out a loan to pray for the production costs for the hardcover version. Yes, believe it or not, someone actually gave me a loan. Apparently, the former homeless man had proved he could be resourceful, proved he could land on his feet. We’ll take a percentage of the proceeds of your book sells to pay off your loan….Perfect plan. Love it. People have been telling me I should write a children’s book. So I did! I was terrified when I started writing it, but soon fell in love with it, grew very proud of it. Realized I could write in areas that I had always feared venturing. Wrote the book, sent it to print, hoping and praying this would be the moment that took me to the next level.

So, I’m just a little scared right now that the book hasn’t been moving. Those who have bought, have received it well, and truly love it. But….I just can’t seem to get it moving.

I guess I just have to push harder….and pray.

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  1. Please remember those thoughts in the dark of the night are the ones where gremlins come to visit and like to park and play with fear and worry. They are illusion makers. It can take a while for books to gain momentum. Biggest thing you can do is have as many reviews left (positive of course!) left on the Amazon site. It will begin to create traction. I believe in you, your journey of strength and inspiration. Hold tight. Everything will be alright. ❤

  2. Don’t despair, Gregory, it takes some time to get through to the public, especially when you are a relatively unknown author and don’t have money for displays in bookshops and readings and signings and stuff like that. My husband had the same experience. But, as I said before, you are in time for the Christmas shopping.

  3. Hang in there! My husband, an editor, helped another writer publish her book. He also published his first novel. Whereas she has been on the road pretty much every week doing talks and signings, he’s paraplegic and, like you, is depending upon independent sales. She is selling her book like hotcakes, he’s only sold to friends so far. Unfortunately, in order to put your work in the public’s eye, you will need to get out and sell it. The best place to start is your local library. They love local writers! I’d check it out before I became too worried.

  4. Good suggestion, Celeste. Give a book to the library and offer to come do a reading with the kids. Do the same with local book stores – preferably indie stores. You might bring a bear to show and then offer the bear as a prize for a raffle to kids only, of course. More and more,l ibraries are working to be community centers. So are book stores. They’ll listen.

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