What the Lion Taught Me

IMG_1800The Lion from my book asked to speak with me privately. I met with him on the couch, where he sat firmly, regally, and with the hint of a smile, which Lion rarely does. He’s far too stern, far to serious most of the time.

“You asked to see me?”

“Yes, I did,” he said with his traditional rumble of a voice. “I just wanted to thank you for portraying me with some nobility in your book.”

“You’re very welcome, but I can’t take too much credit. I simply wrote the truth. You showed yourself to be the true leader we all knew you were.”

“Yes, and I knew you would be just the right person to write about that incident with the Moths. Those were some very trying days. But, I knew you were the perfect person to write about the whole ordeal. Thankfully, all of us animals made it through that crisis. You captured that historic moment in your book ideally.”

“Thank you again, sir. I certainly do appreciate that.”

“Now, you do know not everyone is happy with you.”

“Yes, I do know the Rabbit wasn’t very happy about my calling him a gossip. I haven’t heard from the Tiger. I think he’s giving me the cold shoulder.”

“Ahhh, well. I can only give you the same advice we all had to learn through that horrible ordeal with the Moths: be brave. Stay true to your convictions and be brave. It will hurt, it can sting. But, you will retain some nobility if you do what you think is right.”

I just lowered my head and heard the Lion speak truth. Sometimes bravery hurts.

“Thank you, Lion, for your time and your advice.”

“You’re quite welcome, young sir….”

I was given the nod that my audience with the royal animal was over.

“And Gregory,” he said as I was leaving the room, “more people love you than not. Remember that.”

Amazing what you can learn from your own book….

If you’d like to read about the knit animals and the crisis the Lion discussed about the Moths, be sure to check out the book, “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me.”

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One comment

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, THE TEDDY BEAR THAT SAVED ME, It is one of those books that keeps one interested and wanting to read on to the end, Having the moths as an enemy worked really well, but in reality moths do not eat wool. They lay eggs on wool and when the larvae hatch, they are the eaters of wool. Few people know that. I just consider the attacking moths as part of the fiction of this well told tale.
    I really think this book should be published by some well known publisher of children’s books, but I do not know how one would accomplish that.

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