Meeting Elephant

I was anxious to talk to Elephant this morning. I wanted to know what he thought about my depiction of him and his role in the “Moth Crisis” in my book. Now, I’d already spoken to Rabbit, and the Lion had asked to speak with me, but I had not been able to find Elephant anywhere. Tiger has been AWOL lately, probably a little embarrassed about what I wrote about him, but that’s fine. I’m hoping he turns up. Now, I do have an interview with the little bear in a few days. I was hoping to secure the interview sooner, but now that he’s a hero, he’s been in very high demand. And even though I wrote the book about him that catapulted him to stardom, he’s still very busy doing interviews with other people. I’m looking forward to that interview. I promise to hold no punches, I’ll ask tough questions. Make the interview just as compelling as the “Frost-Nixon” interview.

Rabbit finally approached me. “I hear you’re looking for Elephant.”

“I am! Have you seen him?”

He moved close, lifted a paw and whispered in my ear, “He’s out in the garden.”

“I thought you guys weren’t allowed to go outside without Jackson.”

“We’re not, but…(psst! shhhh!)….he sneaks out there so he can read and be left alone.”

img_1967I finally found Elephant outside, huddling near the fence, lounging under brush.

He saw me coming and said quite quickly, “Let me guess. Rabbit told you I was here. I swear, he can’t keep a secret for anything. Always gossiping about something….”

“I wanted to ask you if you liked my book. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I did like your book. I actually read it twice.”

“Twice? Really? Wow.”

“Well, the first time I just scanned it to look for the parts where you wrote about me. The second time I read it all the way through.”


“Do I really come across like that? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was flattered how you described me, but I didn’t realize I was so….distant.”

“I wouldn’t call that a flaw of any kind. You like to be left alone to read. I made that perfectly clear in my book.”

“Thank you for pointing that out. The other knit animals just don’t understand how important it is for me to read. I’m supposed to remind Jackson to be a good student.”

“Yes, I know.”

img_1966“And reading books is VERY important if you’re to be a good student.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more.”

“So, I’m a little detached, so what? My role in the ‘Moth Crisis’ was just as important as everyone else’s.”

“Indeed it was.”

“I learned alot about myself through that whole episode. I think we all did.”

“What did you learn, Elephant?”

“Just like you wrote in the book. Being brave isn’t always easy. It can be tough. And it doesn’t have to be BIG stuff, but being brave can be little things you forget about.”

“Thank you, Elephant. I appreciate that.”

Now, I’m off to get my questions written for my big interview with the little bear.

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