This is Not Defeat

We came to the conclusion tonight, that we had to admit the my children’s book has not done very well. Yes, people do really love it, however, it hasn’t sold. In the first month of it’s release, we’ve sold only about 150 units. So, we had to crunch the numbers, look at the obvious, and realize as wonderful as people love the book, it just isn’t selling.

You win some and you lose some. Now we might have not succeeded with this book, but that’s ok. You have to do your best to try and try again for as many wins as you can. This endeavor wasn’t a win for us, so we try again at something else. We don’t ever give up. Anyone who comes to this blog on a regular knows that we don’t give up. We aspire to the notions of resilience. If we didn’t succeed at this, we’ll try at something else. 🙂 This is not a defeat, it’s simply a loss. And that can happen. Sometimes you lose. But, it’s not always the end of the world.

People who hope never falter. They always rise above. Hope is the buoy provided when life tries to sink you. And we have enormous amounts of hope on this end. 🙂 Each and every one of you has been my buoy from the beginning. With you at my side, there is no way I could ever sink.

Now, it doesn’t mean the book is going away. We work on a print on demand situation with our printer If you order them, they get sent. So, the book will always be available as long as the internet works. But, we won’t be putting anymore resources nor time into pushing and promoting the book. We’re going to regroup, rethink and find another way to let our creative ways keep us afloat. We’ll come up with something else. And that is the mark of bravery: remembering that because something you attempted didn’t do well, isn’t a defeat. It’s simply a loss, a moment to learn. You can gain from losing. You can learn what you did wrong, what you did right, and how in the future you can do something noble and worthwhile that is loved the world over.

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  1. With much respect, I think you are calling it too soon. Christmas has yet to come, Thanksgiving to be held and then there is the rush with families everywhere looking for that something special or last minute stocking stuffer. I really do believe the more reviews you can get posted to your book on Amazon, the more it will work it’s way up in Amazon searches. People tend to buy when they read the good experiences of others. Just a thought is all. A month in book selling world is not much time at all. ❤

  2. The fact is that no matter how good a book is, it takes much more than self promoting to make a success of being an author. The multi-millionaire author, John Grisham, grew up in the Mid-South. He attended sixth grade in my hometown. He self-published his first novel, A TIME TO KILL, and drove around in the Mid-South selling copies out of his car. He had a book signing with that book at a local supermarket. He sold a few copies. I failed to go get a copy, which today is worth a lot a money.
    It was a later book of his that finally gained him some fame and from then on, after a movie was made of THE FIRM that anything he wrote was promoted nationally and his fortune was made.
    Until a recognized publisher puts its promotional effort behind a book, the book will not sell many copies. Most children’s books will not sell a lot of copies.
    I have a friend who has just self-published a mystery. It really is not well written and her hopes of making it as an author just is not going to come about.
    As a retired librarian I can tell you that THE TEDDY BEAR THAT SAVED ME,is a well written children’s book. You cannot sell many copies if you are not out promoting the book to bookstores, doing readings at libraries and anywhere you are invited to come talk about the book. Press and TV coverage is needed. Not many authors with agoraphobia sell many books. Sometimes they become famous after they are dead. One example being, Emily Dickinson. There have been others.
    I am going to order a copy of your book and send it to the De Grummond Colllection of Children’s Books. Look it up at:

  3. I’ve not ordered the book because of the costs of importing from the US to the UK – more money spent on admin than the actual goods. Don’t have a Kindle and don’t like sitting in front of the computer for hours on end. But I LOVED your reading. A trained actor could not have done better, so maybe that is something to explore. I also loved the idea of possibly selling the book in conjunction with knitted characters, though I realise you are going for something different now. Good luck!

  4. Maybe you should reconsider your approach until after the holidays when people are the most likely to buy your book for a present. My author friends put years into selling each of their books. I understand you are assessing things, but I think you need to consider more time and keep knitting.

  5. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you could knit up a certain amount of lions and elephants and tigers and when you have enough of them available for sale, then you could start promoting the book again, as well as the knitted animals you have on hand for sale. I think that would probably work quite well. People will want to buy the knitted animals for children’s gifts and possibly add a copy of the book to go along with them. These would be wonderful for baby shower gifts, children’s birthdays, etc.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the book has only been out a month. That’s not a defeat. 150 copies is not even a slow start! I think you’re approaching this with the wrong mentality.

  7. Gregory, I think you’re on the right track with starting to make the knitted animals from the book available for sale to your readers. Here’s another suggestion for you: You could knit up one of each animal in the book and have a contest. Every person who buys a hard copy of your book gets their name put in for a draw to be held sometime in December, maybe just before Christmas. You draw however many winning names as you have knitted animals and each person whose name is drawn has a chance at purchasing the knitted animal of their choice. The more hard copies of your book a person buys, the more entries they have in the contest. Obviously, the first name picked would have first dibs on which animal they prefer and so on. If the person whose name was picked isn’t interested in buying one of the animals, then you move on to the 2nd person and so on down the line. That would probably get books selling faster, especially for Christmas gift-giving. Once you have a whole set of animals knit up for the contest, then you could concentrate on knitting up some more of them to sell after the contest is over.

  8. Question that’s been bugging me though…why aren’t you selling your pdf copies yourself…as it is now, someone else is getting a slice of your profits distributing pdfs copies… Let potential buyers know they will get delivery, but to be aware of different time zones and may have to wait 12 – 18 hours or so for pdf download to appear as email attachment. Simple.

  9. It is so expensive to buy anything from the US here in the UK, so I was very pleased to see this book available for kindle and have just bought it. I have also read your other books on my kindle. I haven’t read it yet but I know it will be lovely. Much love to you and Phillip.

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