The Tiger in the Closet

And you’re right.
I’m reading comments this morning about my last post. Now, I do have to clarify that we had no intention of pulling the book, but had no financial means to continue promoting it. We can’t afford a book tour, or “boosts” on Facebook, or ads of any kind. All we really have to rely on is word of mouth, or perhaps, going viral again at some point. But, reading these comments, we saw a really interesting trend that we simply couldn’t ignore….

(“…and why do you keep saying ‘we?’ Do you mean you and Phillip?” Nope. I mean all of you with me. We’ve been on this path since the beginning, there’s no way I would ever consider you weren’t a part of my life  and my blessings).

img_2993There has been a HUGE demand for the knit animals in the book. And if you read the comments, many people thought that having them WITH the book would cause a lot more interest. I love getting input like this. And I have to give a shout out to both Kathy and Faye who suggested that very idea a little while back. Now, see? I had not even thought of that. I had thought of putting the patterns in the book instead (which ARE in the book). But, every time I see that damned Elf on the Shelf, I see exactly where we lacked in promoting this book. 🙂 Those knit animals with the book are perfect. They NEED to be available to go with the book. And as Faye pointed out, “to have their own knit animals to act out the story.” Absolutely! And can you imagine those knit animals being acted out in the Moth scenes????

So, here we go. We’ll do one last ditch at promotion. I’m going to try something else in a few days, but for now, you at least have the Tiger in the closet.  

Read the book to find out why Tiger is in the closet….and refuses to come out.


Signed Hardcover First Editions are here.

Paperback versions from amazon are here.

Instant download in pdf available here.




  1. Another idea for promotion is to check out local independent bookstores to see if they would
    be interested in stocking it on a consignment basis. Take the animals along. Check with your local library or bookstore about doing a children/adult story hour. This is the perfect time of year because people are buying presents for others and themselves.
    My husband wrote a book which he had to promote himself and while it didn’t take off the way he hoped it is still selling.
    Perseverance and courage!

  2. Just another suggestion…why not make an audio copy available for the blind? Mind you I am deaf, but from your feedback here, I gather you are good with character voice changes…Worth thinking about… Make it yourself, distribute it yourself. Only drawback again is shipping charges, but shouldn’t be too much to send a disc or memory stick????

  3. That, dear Gregory, is why I bought the Little Teddy Bear that saved Me, so he could go with the book to my great niece to help her healing. 🙂

  4. Gregory, I am ex-marketing knitting hobbyist, worked in high tech here in Canada, have been at home for some years child raising and dealing with health stuff, have continued to consult on and off, both public and private sector. Am about halfway thru your WillKnitForFood book, enjoying both it and the t-shirt, and the blog. I am busy producing assorted baby layette items for soon to arrive new baby in the family, but I look forward to trying out your patterns!

    I agree with comments above; also suggest local independent yarn stores to sell the books.

    A couple of additional thoughts would be to consider scaling down your patterns to amigurumi (sp?) size, add to the ravelry and other online sites, just in time for holiday knitting!

    You might also consider producing a set of the character critters, all together (in the smaller size) Imagine the cuteness!!! You are so proficient at the dpn’s, not sure how you feel about working with fingering or sock weight fibre?

    I do not see you on etsy? Local artisans I am connected to find it very useful as another channel.

    Consider diy kits (partner with lion brand or craftsy) that include the pattern, the book, and the wool to knit your own. Consider offering both full-size and mini versions. That would be on my wish list 😉

    Have you considered the need eventually to recruit other knitters to do the piecework? Consider seniors who perhaps are skilled at the craft and looking for purpose. These folk do frequent yarn stores, the best way to reach them is with an old-fashioned sign (on the kiosk with your books!), also consider whether or not senior homes or retirement communities might be a good place to put up a flyer or two on the clubhouse board. ANd always keep postig to facebook and youtube…etc.

    As you say, it is not defeat, merely another step along the way! cheers…Melodie

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