Story Time with the Knit Animals

img_3027I’ve received a ton of awesome ideas on how to get my book up and moving and I’m quickly implementing as many as possible. Some of these ideas were truly creative. So, thank you! and keep them coming! Having all the animals right there in front of me, did bring everything into focus. As though they had truly come to life and had jumped out of the page. Each of them, with their own beautifully flawed personalities. We did these photos as a sort of promotional concept, of course. I do like the whimsy of writing these posts where I interact with each of them and find out what they thought of my book, but then it started to dawn on me. While taking a picture of me telling the animals the story of my book, I started to see how the book could come to life using these knit animals in a video, a short film version of the book. Maybe it would be done in stop motion, maybe just photographic stills. But, I suddenly was inspired and a big smile came across my face.

img_3037So, I’m going to start working on that in January. I guess with computers as cool as they are now, all I really need is a good microphone to pick up my voice and I’ll be on my way 🙂 I also liked the idea people had of having the animals sold with the books, so here you go! You can now either get the book, or the animal, or the book AND animal with one click. I only have one of each now, so when one sells, I’ll knit that one, replace it, and put it back up for sell. So, if you go to my shop and the animal you want is sold out, don’t be discouraged, just come back in a day or two.

I will admit a few weeks ago when I saw the book wasn’t doing well at all, I was crestfallen a bit. It’s hard not to be discouraged when you see your time and effort just fall flat. But, with all of these ideas of yours, and a few shouts of “eureka!” myself, I’m feeling inspired again. So, thank you!

Check out the knit animals here!


Signed Hardcover First Editions are here.

Paperback versions from amazon are here.

Instant download in pdf available here.





  1. Love, love, love that photo of you reading to the animals! Great idea to use that in your promotion. I’m glad you’ve also made the knit animals available for purchase. As for the video, that might turn out to be more complicated than you think so maybe sticking with telling the story through photographs might be easier and faster. Good luck!

  2. Just a thought, if you do a video, be sure to have Closed Captions for the deaf. Only other thing is…I’m still waiting for Lion pattern to be created and released please??? Please? Please?????? LOL

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