….And Dream of Quiche

I first met Nancy about 2 years ago. In the beautiful way the world works coincidences, she had read one of my blog posts that had gone viral, and then when she found out the her son was a friend of Phillip and mine, she asked if she could meet one afternoon. You see, her son  used to be roommates with Phillip. And because of that, Mark was already coming over for visits probably a few times a month. So, getting to meet and become friends with his mother happened pretty naturally.

Phillip and I fell in love with Nancy…and it’s always cool to chide one your friends about being friends with his mom. 🙂 As a matter of fact, in my phone, Nancy is listed as “Mark’s Mom.” Just as one of those little nods to when we were kids and we just named everyone “so-and-so’s mom.” Whenever Nancy comes to visit, she brings some of her hand crafted soaps for Phillip. They are for my benefit, too, but mostly for Phillip. Of all the soaps he has used over the years, Nancy’s castile soap really does make his skin feel better, and I get the benefit of that great scent that lingers when he comes to bed after taking a shower. It’s a very handsome smell.

Anyway, back when my teeth were at their worst and food had become an enemy, we discovered certain things I could eat. Mostly eggs, mostly omelettes, especially if I was trying to get more veggies into my diet. A Greek omelette with spinach, red onion, and olives chopped very very fine was perfect. So, Nancy suggested quiche….Well, hell yeah! Who doesn’t love quiche???

Yesterday I got a text from her asking if I was free for lunch. She was going to be in town and she was bringing me quiche. 🙂 Hallelujah. How kind! So, when she arrived today, she delivered TWO spinach and mushroom quiche…..which have not survived the day. Awfully funny that she mentioned one could go in the freezer for a later date. After one bite? Uhhh, no. We tore through those quiche like madmen.

img_3052I nibbled on one whole quiche myself just for lunch. As you can see from the photo, there was only one piece left…..and I’m nibbling on it now for a light supper 🙂 (Goodness, look at all of the smiley faces I’m using in this post!). Not only was the food delightful and delicious, but the company was enjoyable, as well. We talked about education, the judicial system, the nuances of my children’s book…..It was a wonderful afternoon. And as usual, she delivered a nice bar of her castile soap for Phillip. And that couldn’t have come at a better time. Now, I have to admit that when we run out of soap we pick up what we can at the supermarket….and well, my big man does smell so much nicer after he’s lathered with Nancy’s castile, rather than with Dove or Irish Spring. No, he needs to smell handsome, not like a dainty lady 🙂 . So, thanks to Nancy, I’m heading to bed with a belly full of quiche, cuddling next to a man that smells has handsome as he looks.

You should check out some of Nancy’s soaps. She beautifully donates quite a bit of her proceeds to her nearby animal shelter. *You have to love people that make their own soaps, can bake a killer quiche, and love animals of all sorts. That’s “good people” in my book. Man, I wish we had smell-a-vision. A whiff of her soaps would have you hooked. but for now, check out her page here to take a look around.

Oh! And Phillip has a new Strange Friend lurking around our shop. A Salamandandy. Yes, a very elusive creature, which is very ironic, sense Salamandandies like to be looked at.

Hope you’re all having a safe weekend!

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