The Last Stitches of the Season

img_3037With Christmas a quick three weeks away, they usually tell you that somewhere around the 15th of the month is pretty much the last day you can mail something priority and it can be guaranteed arrival by Christmas Eve, which is tricky, seeing that Christmas Eve is on a Saturday this year. So, just so everyone gets their packages on time, the latest batch of my knit animals from my book is the last batch I’ll be able to do if you’d like them by Christmas. The first batch I knit up did really well!  These new guys in my shop will be arriving somewhere between the 10th and the 13th, giving us just enough wiggle room. After these guys are sold, I’ll be finishing up some other projects that need to be ready before Christmas. Of course, I’ll still be blogging and Phillip will still be working hard on his Strange Friends, so be sure to look for those. He’s been doing very well at getting at least one finished per day. And people really love them! I’m so proud of him.

We’re looking forward to blogging about our Christmas tree next 🙂 Not having very much money doesn’t mean you can’t have a great tree and all the trimmings. We don’t have a tree yet, but we did hit the dollar store and with a $10 budget we were able to get some cardinals, a few figurines, some glass balls, garland, a tree topper and a tree skirt! And they actually look really nice. We’re hoping to get a smaller tree, a table topper; we’re just waiting for Publix to restock them. Once we have the tree, we’re gonna blast some good ol’ fashioned Christmas music, have a sip of eggnog and get to trimming. I can’t wait to take pictures.

So! These knit animals in my shop are the last of the year! Be sure to get one! They didn’t last very long last week. Have a great day everyone!



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  1. Found my way here from a random comment on Ravelry; ordered both the paperback and the pdf. 🙂 They’re for the grandchildren, but I do love a good story myself. Congrats on the book and good luck with the promotions!

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