The Little Bear Interview (Part I)

img_3042I’m graciously able to say the the little bear from my book has allowed our interview to continue. He had cancelled it once he got wind of my deciding to pull promotion of the book and seemed to be cross with me for that particular decision.  He has been in high demand lately, and receiving an audience with him has been difficult to obtain, despite the fact the I did write the book that hoped to make him a household name.

“You’re not being very brave by quitting like that,” he said in his memo to me. And with some desire to save face with him, I asked once again if we could proceed with the interview. He agreed and we are in the middle of the interview now, he taking leave for a moment for a photo shoot. The interview is going well, and I hope to have it finished within a few hours. He has certain conditions. No video, no tape recording, photographs and written word only. And when asked about the conditions he said only, “Teddy bears are bravely quiet….”



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