A Little Like Santa’s Workshop

img_3105Once we got home yesterday, we made a pot of coffee, rested for a minute (Joann’s is a good 2 miles from here), and then got back to work. I was focused on my knitting, and Phillip barreled back into his new found love for crocheting his Strange Friends. And yes, at some point he did donned that awesome little LED headlamp when it got a bit too dark for him. He found some new colors that he fell in love with. Joann was having this massive sale on colors that were more summery, but not on the traditional Christmas hues. I guess it’s like they say, “You always shop for a winter coat in June.”

So excited about the new colors, he whipped them up fast. And I really like idea that he crochets so quickly. He really does love making his Strange Friends. On occasion, I’ll peek over at him and watch him gleefully going through yarn. He looks like a kid. I adore it. And then he’ll spot me spying on him and smile and ask, “What do you think if I mix these two colors?”

We’ve had a rather long day this morning. I got up at 3, and he soon followed at 6, and without missing a beat, we both got back to work. You should see the shambles this apartment is in. It does look like your local yarn store EXPLODED in our living room. I’d like to think Santa’s Workshop looks nearly the same. I should at some point share a photo of all the yarn rolling around everywhere. We don’t have to tidy at the moment, and we’ve come to terms with that. If we’re awake, we’re working. We take a break to eat and sleep, but outside of that it’s yarn yarn yarn. We filled a pot of water with, added cinnamon and nutmeg, a splash of orange juice, and some ginger and let the aroma waft through the apartment to give it that air of Christmas, and the spirit does run strong through here. You can feel it in our little apartment.

Hope you’re all feeling the spirit of Christmas, too.

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