And a Tree Brightened Our Hearts

I will admit that no matter how hard we tried to keep our Christmas spirit up, something was missing. A few days ago we went hunting for a tree, and realized after the third place that getting a Christmas Tree, either real or faux, was just not in our budget. Christmas trees are expensive if you live in the city, aren’t they? Not like out in the country where trees can be free. We just couldn’t afford a Christmas Tree. And that’s the way things happen sometimes. So, not to be dismayed, and not to feel a lack of spirit, we were pushing towards something more fundamental. We have each other, we have our Bacon and Mario, we have the lights on and food in the fridge. We do have an altar and decided that come Christmas Eve, we’d light a prayer candle for those who didn’t have that much. That’s the real spirit of Christmas. What I have cannot be solidly printed in words. I have him, I have them, I have you. You could not ask for more than that.

img_3113I took a nap yesterday, and lo….while I was sleeping, someone had sent us a live Christmas Tree complete with ornaments and lights.  Waking and making coffee, I tried to keep up, but you should have seen the elation on Phillip’s face. He couldn’t contain himself. You would have thought last night was Christmas. He tore into that box, pulled out the tree, enthusiastically placed the ornaments, diligently wrapped the tree with lights….and we sat back and smiled. It now felt like Christmas. That surprise moment of kindness and that sudden moment of generosity just had us floored. And those glimmering little lights behind the ornaments shimmered like hope. We sat there with the lights dim, holding onto thought, only holding onto kindness and gratitude.

Christmas Eve, we’ll still light our candle and remember the importance of the season. I have a few traditions I have that lean towards the monastic when it comes to Christmas, but we’ll be adoring the impression this tree has made on us. Yes, there is a Santa Claus….and Santa knew our bruised hearts could use a tree to brighten our hearts. 🙂

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  1. Do you guys buy the yarns you need or get donations?
    Are you fussy about if it’s wool, acrylic, a certain number of strands etc etc?

    Do you need buttons & scraps of feathers and fur etc to help make & sell more????

  2. Your tree is beautiful. You have each other. I got nothing and no one, alone over xmas yet again. I’m used to it though, I just keep on knitting for my charity works.

  3. What better gift for Santa’s elves then a Christmas tree! How totally awesome! I spend so much time putting up decorations, etc. at work for my team that I have no energy or time for a tree at home. It’s just me, so I hang the Christmas cards I receive on the kitchen cupboards to make the place more festive and to remind me of blessed I am with friends, at this time of year. I am so glad you blessed with all that you have. Happy Holidays to you, Phillip, Bacon, and Mario! May you continue to be blessed thru the coming year! 🙂

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