As the World Scrambles

img_3126As much of the world scrambles into the final moments of the Christmas season, Phillip and I are looking forward, towards the New Year, towards the new hope of a fresh slate. There are so many things we’re hoping to accomplish in the new year. We have plans, we have some great ideas (including an audio book for my children’s book, a new book on knitting, some interesting ideas for promotion, and something of a reality based webcast on what it’s like for two men to knit, crochet, live together and try and make a living and a life out of it).

So, we’re looking forward to shedding the strangeness that was 2016. Not all of 2016 was bad, there were a number of wonderful moments. For instance, we got married.

Now, we’ll still be selling our teddy bears, books, and Strange Friends for the rest of the year. As a matter of fact, Phillip has two new ones in our shop ready for your New Year’s Eve party. Oh, I would so love to do a post about a New Year’s Even Party where only Strange Friends were invited. We can no longer get things to  you by Christmas, because the shipping deadline has come and gone, but we are definitely going to keep going, after all, rent is due in about a week or two, so it’s quite necessary for us to keep it up. So, we push on! We keep knitting and crocheting! As long as we sell at least one Strange Friend or a bear or book a day, we’ll make it. And make it we will!

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate. Every single bit helps! Thank you!


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