As the Blooms Fall From the Bouganvilla

DSCF2040I had this great moment this morning when I was walking to the supermarket. With the weather so cordial in Central Florida, the weather hints and flirts as though Spring has returned. The flowers are blooming nectar, the birds are chirping aerial hymns, and the sun blankets the dewy morning with glistening fair. All the signs of new life burgeon forth, and we’re no longer hindered by the calendar’s demand that it be called “December.”

As I was walking from the market home, I noticed this beautiful bougainvillea that drapes over the street I live on. It was the most striking fuchsia, solidly set against a robin egg sky. The petals had been plucked from the wind, and like confetti, it carpeted the cobblestones with a celebratory reminder, as though a parade had been come by, or a reminder of a party from the night before. The street screamed of some prior fiesta, of some great celebration. And though you might not have been in attendance, you surely could sense the revelry that once happened.

Some may ask why I don’t share a photo. Maybe one day I will, but for now, I’d rather let your imagination and emotion take over. See it in the mind, and not with the eyes.

Watching the world as I do now, I get to see beautiful things that had in some moment of my life eluded me. As the blooms fall from the bougainvillea, I’m reminded of things I forgot to look for when I was younger. I forgot to look for the beautiful simplicity in my daily trudge. I forgot to look for the miraculous in the mundane. Knitting the same thing over and over can lead one to suspicious places of boredom. But, when you are reminded of the priceless continuity of giving and joy, you see now how the movements of your hands reflect not repetition, but continuation of a wonderful purpose.

I’m looking forward to seeing more random brightness in my daily routine. I’m looking forward to seeing what new things we can do with knitting, what new people may be rescued by it’s enchantment, what new twists and spins we can make of our stitches. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can all be enveloped by the crafting of hope, and the pursuit of caring with these needles of ours. That the routine moments of casting on and binding off could do some benefit to the world.

We have just a few things left in our shop. I think about 10 books, a few t-shirts, a couple of my knitted animals….and then? Then once those are all gone, new and exciting possibilities will arise.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

Take a look around our shop. We have my knit animals, Phillip’s Strange Friends, books….and hope.

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