The Start of This (or) Happy New Year

With just a few hours from the end of this and the start of that, I couldn’t let another moment of the clock pass without telling you how wonderful you made my year.

Some could say I relied on my knitting and this blog to feed, clothe, and shelter me and my little family. But, that’s only a portion of the story. The bigger part, the greater part, was you. You have given me life, you have given me purpose, given me communion.

You’ve accepted me into your lives, you’ve cried with me, laughed out loud with me. You’ve reminded me of what was important, and what was pointless. You reminded me to look for the simplicity in my stitches, to look for the quiet amazement in my daily life.

You helped remind me that words can heal, and words can hurt, and that the power in that ability should always be second guessed.

This little life of mine is more blessed because of you. I’m a better man this year, because of you. And I’ll strive to do nothing more than that as my New Year’s resolution: to do my best to be a better man than I was the year before, in any way possible.

There is this old notion that the final moments of your actions as the year passes from old to new, is a good indication of what you’ll be doing in the coming year.

So, I wanted to make absolutely sure that the fleeting last moments of 2016 were filled with gratitude and prayer. For I want the coming year to lead me to constantly consider that every time I write, every time I knit, I’m grateful and aware of what great power those simple actions have on my life…..that every time I write, every time I knit, I’m grateful and aware of what a great blessing it is to have you in my life. This life would not be possible without you. These last hours of the year are devoted to you.

IMG_2015Now let’s celebrate and have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Phillip and I are going to have a cocktail, watch a movie and crash by 10! WOO HOO! Now, that’s a party!!! (Don’t mind the photo, for I also wanted to spend the last moments of the year with a dollop of a sense of humor 🙂 )

Love, Gregory, Phillip, Bacon and Mario.

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  1. Wishing you and your little family a very Happy New Year! I pray that 2017 will bring you nothing but love, joy and happiness. ❤

  2. Happy New Year to you and your household, Gregory – I’m wishing everything good for all of you. And I seriously want to get back in touch with you before 2017 gets too far gone.

    1. I’m a little email away 🙂 And looking forward to your new (ahem) project in 2017…you know, the one no one is supposed to know about, but that I’m hinting at in this response? 🙂

      1. Way to kick me in the fanny on the first day of the year, my funny friend. I need all the good vibes you want to send! Hope your year will be amazing – in only good ways. ❤️

  3. Wishing all of you nothing but the best in 2017. Don’t stop dreaming for you never know when one of those dreams will come true.

  4. Everyone’s life is worth a book. Or, in your case, several. Happy New Year to you, Phillip and the kids.

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