44 Runs Around the Sun (My Birthday!)

dsc_1280I’ve never been the sort to dismiss a birthday. Don’t you get aggravated with people who do? Goodness. My grandmother used to say people that got all wimpy and whiny on their birthdays, “Consider the alternative….”

I LOVE to celebrate my birthday. I truly do. Furthermore, I LOVE that my birthday falls at this time of year! You see, we start celebrating the holidays on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day does it’s beauty, then a week later we get New Year’s Eve, then New Year’s Day! Oh, wait! Then creepy along just a few days later….my birthday! YAY!


img_1539And just how does a Mad Man Knitting celebrate his birthday? He plays croquet, of course. 🙂 (I had to share all of these pics of us playing croquet on my birthday the last couple of years). And it’s perfect weather for croquet right now. It’s a cool 70-ish degrees in the morning. So, the first half of the day we’ll play croquet, we’ll order a pizza, have a beer, watch something that I want to watch, and call it a day. (Last year I forced Phillip to binge “Twin Peaks” with me, who knows what I’ll drag up this year????)



img_0013The celebrations might be really simple, but the overall idea is to truly just enjoy life in the ways that you like on your birthday. And I’m a simple man, really. Croquet, a pizza, a beer, my husband, and my feet propped up in a proper pair of knit socks, watching a movie or TV show to my liking and spending the day thanking life for giving me simple things to appreciate and enjoy. 🙂

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  1. Blessed are those who realize the pleasure of having a birthday smack dab in the Holiday Season! Mine is Jan 5 and I feel the same way. It’s like a whole cycle of thanks-giving, wonder, beauty, joy, and gratitude. Happy Birthday to you!

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