We Start With What We Have

img_3153It’s easy to remark on your own mood or emotion when you face troubling times, it’s a much different thing to actually believe, and physical feel good. I woke this morning, cleaned my work space, organized my yarn, did what I could to put some good energy in this space that has been a little grey lately. I felt hope in my heart, but will admit that I was having a hard time convincing my body of it. I felt sluggish and down. Then you have one of those moments where your clarify what is right and what is wrong, and once you identify that then you can easily begin to make some serious changes. My life has been very erratic over the last few years. And that caused disorganization. And that caused an inadvertent dismissal of little things that became really big deals. I’m lucky to have been blessed throughout this time, as well. So, I hold on to the blessings, start cleaning up the mess I’ve let build a wall around me, dismantle those bricks one at a time and find a bright and wonderful new world of challenges and opportunities for all of us.

We start with what we have.

We were not able to sell enough in our shop to finish paying rent. We sent to the landlord what we have, even though we are still short, but I’m hoping by the end of the day we’ll find a way to make the difference and send that off, too. We have a few items left in our shop, only a few t-shirts, a handful of books, and a couple of knit animals. But, just think of what we’re going to do after that. We have really big plans for our little shop and our futures on this end of the knitting needles. I really do hate that we’ve been in this financial slump, but as I like to remind myself, it’s only for now, not for good. As soon as we can get over these humps we’ve had to hurdle, we’ll actually be able to help other people in creative ways we’ve been wanting to pursue for quite some time. I always have hope, and I always have faith, and if you keep your mind clear of negativity, then you can achieve the simple things in life that enriches the souls of all of us.

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