Man VS Skein-The Confessions of a Male Knitter

A few days ago, I posted a question on my facebook page: “Should my next book be about contemplative knitting? Or men who knit?”

The answer was decidedly, “BOTH!”

Then Phillip and I were talking a few days ago about the project when we just couldn’t figure out the correct angle for what I was trying to say. Contemplative knitting….so many people have written about the zen of knitting, to great success. Those are some wonderful books. But, I didn’t want to do what someone else had already done. Men that knit….kinda….well…ok. And? What’s the big deal, right? Men knit….the book ended in the title.

Heading to the bathroom, Phillip quipped,  “You should write about all the behind the scenes stuff, what you really go through as a knitter…..some of the stuff you DON’T write on your blog. Sometimes that knitting world is just as vicious and gossipy as Hollywood….”

mvskeinHe got it. Oh he got it, he got it, and he got it HOT. THAT is a book worth writing: the back stage, behind the scenes look at a man who has a contemplative life through knitting….and all the madness that circles around him. Like the time Deborah Norville poo pooed me on live TV. Or the time I got into a heated fight with a very well known and established male knitter because of the Pulse night club shooting. How I lost a thousand followers for a political belief. How I was offered a reality show, they asked in the interview for me to take off my ball cap and I said, “Nope. It’s my look. Deal with it. After all, this isn’t an audition for Naked and Afraid… it???”

There are so many juicy moments that don’t get explored enough in this life of a male knitter. Some of them controversial, some of them joyous. Some of them got me pushed out of the knitting community and some of them invited me in even further.

There are so many great juicy moments that have happened on this end that we never wrote about. Yes, because they were too controversial. (So controversial that I don’t think Lionbrand wants to talk to me anymore…and that’s in the book, too). But, this book touches on all of that. Oh, yes, we got to work right away. Using my blog as a diary, we were able to look back and go, “Oh! Remember this was happening at the same time, and we didn’t DARE write about it!” Oh, yes, we made sure to include everything that we didn’t think was appropriate for the blog because I didn’t want to get all…..what’s the word? Gossipy? Issues with my family, unresolved reasons for my homelessness….So much was left to the way side.

Now, I wasn’t keen on it being my version of incidents that trashed people. Nope. You see, when you mix those moments with the good moments, you begin to see that the life of this male knitter has been an interesting ride. And I LEARNED so much about it’s blessings and it’s few curses. I got to make friends all across the globe, and I got to go deeper into a place in my soul that the usual practices of contemplation didn’t allow. I couldn’t sit with the eyes closed and be mindful. I had to pick up knitting needles and listen to the world, what it said about itself, what it said about me…..and what my own soul had been desperate to tell me: that the worth of a man is valued not in his possessions, but in his actions.

So, this new book will lean in closer on the backstory, in detail, the good moments, the rough moments. The times we shined, the times we failed, and all the things I wanted to say, but didn’t have the courage to at the time. It leans in closer to the contemplative side of what all those moments meant, what they taught, and how they shaped me into the man I am now. From homeless, to somewhat famous, to then shunned, then reborn with the truth that knitting taught me.

I have a good feeling  about this book. It really does say everything that should have been said, not because all of it was raunchy and controversial, but because I just didn’t have the courage at the time. But, hell, if we’re going for broke then we might as well put it all out there….

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  1. Oh yes, I do believe that you’ve hit it right on the head with this idea. I’m already curious to read what’s in that book!

  2. Oh and I hope you’ll allow me a quick personal question: Would I be right to assume that you also enjoy fishing or if not now, that you did at one time?

  3. oh wow Gregory that really sounds interesting, I am not usually one for wanting the dirt about something but it would be fascinating to know the dirt about the “peaceful” community of knitters. oh who are we kidding, EVERBODY want to read the dirt! Cool to hear it from an insiders point of view. Hope you both are well and happy.

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