Acknowledgment (or) My First Batch of Heroes

Well, the feedback for my new book has been overwhelmingly beautiful. Woke this morning to read comments. And those first few paragraphs that I transcribed in my last post seemed to excite people. So, thank you!

IMG_0266“Man VS Skein-The Confessions of a Male Knitter” looks like it could be a promising endeavor. Maybe this is the one that sets me solid?

As I sat staring out of my window this morning, writing away to the frail hints of remembrance, I saw the dewy end of a leaf, culminate the humidity, grab hold of the air, gather it as companion, then let the over abundance of airy nectar drop in one little plop into a puddle below. The ripples glistened, the waves ebbed out and sadly and said goodbye. Little things moments can make great impacts on us. Old memories ripple on forever….

I’m go glad you like my book, the idea of it, and the pages I’ve show so far. So, I want to do something interesting with it. I want to sell 20 copies today. That way I can get a discount on the printing, and the funds left over can go towards ordering additional copies so that when someone orders them in the future, they’ll be ready to ship. I won’t have to order them. And to the first 20 people that order the book, I’ll give acknowledgment in the credits. (If you don’t want to be named, just let me know. I know some people prefer anonymity.)

It really is a strong book. I’ve never been this proud. And all the chapters are all terms we knitters know all too well, like “Guage” and “Tension,” all meaning things so different than what the pattern intended….

Yeah, that’s it….that last line says so much about my life and this book…..”so different than what the pattern intended.”

Quick passage from the book : (….and I heard my own name, as though it should have been listened for. There, while staring down to tie my shoes I heard Martha Stewart say, “Gregory Patrick is busy knitting and shipping teddy bears…..Look at them. I think they’re adorable….” “Look at them.” How does one surface from that shock? How does one react? What does one say?……I stood to my feet and screamed, “MOM  Come QUICK!!!!!!! I need you!”)

mvskeinIt really is a great book. 🙂 I love it. I love finally getting to speak, to say….and avoid the poetry that my prose seems to get entangled with.

So click here to snag a copy! I’d love to have you in my book. We’re going to print on Monday, so that’s why I’d like you to be included before then. 20 copies. Not so terrible, really. We’ve sold six so far. I think this book could be a hit. I really do….

UPDATE! Three hours after this blog was posted, we only have 10 more copies to go! Yes!!!




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