Like Studio 54

img_3160He really puts me to shame sometimes. Here I am, touting myself as the Mad Man Knitting, when we should be calling this blog lately, “Mad Man Knitting’s Husband Crochets Like a Mad Man.” He has been up early, bed late. Following the sunlight through the apartment (he’s practically blind, even without his telescopic glasses….how do you think I landed a man like that? I’m so blurry in his eyes, I’m actually hot!)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m busy knitting and writing myself, but the fact that he does it with a sway back and forth while singing is hilarious. That fact that he does it while watching films about superheroes makes me laugh. The fact that he does it while shouting out political opinions randomly out of no where does cause me to wonder if he’s losing it 🙂

His Strange Friends are starting to look more and more like attendees at Studio 54. Maybe they always have and I just didn’t notice. Or rather, maybe they don’t and I’m just anxious for a bunch of drag queens to bounce out of the nice weather and force me to dance to Donna Summer. “Dance! Do it, girl! If You don’t I’ll READ you!!!” (That’s just pretty much the neighborhood I live in).

So, take a peek at his new Strange Friends in our shop! He would love for you to send him pictures of his creations in their new homes!




  1. Being completely clueless about Florida weather, is there anywhere you can knit and crochet outside? Nothing beats natural light (or fresh air – maybe I’m extremely jealous because it was 19F here this morning and we’re getting freezing rain tonight.) This might be better for both your eyes. 🙂

    1. We do actually! But, later in the day it gets warm (about 82) so that’s when we pop in. I’m not sure if you saw the post where he wears the light goggle on his head at night?? Funny stuff. 🙂

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