Knitting Before the Sun

img_1077I have to confess that nothing gives me greater joy than knitting before the sun. I like early mornings. Always have. I have my coffee and anxiously wait as the sky slowly brightens from grey to brilliant blue. There’s something remarkable about waking up before the sun, grabbing my needles, getting right to work with intermittent sips of coffee. And there as the blinding streak of the first ray hits fast through the trees, I feel all will be right with the world. A sense of optimism builds as the sun drops cling to the yarn, as my needles clack and scratch in rhythm with the chirping birds.

As the last days of winter’s burdens blow on us, we find hope in knowing that through the cold, through the snow, is a craft that gives hope when the chill of life becomes too great to endure. We find hope in a fiber art that uses our talents by means of reflection, that uses our yarn to create comfort.

img_3175It is in these moments that I realize, while the world is still quiet, before the buzzing hive of traffic and people begin to swarm, there before the sun as in some sort of craftsman’s contemplation, that I realize how blessed I am to be a knitter.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. All will be right with the world.

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One comment

  1. Sunrise for me happens about mid morning at the moment, so I do several hours of work in the dark and then watch the sun rise form my desk with a coffee. Sadly I also watch the sunset from my desk by 3pm, the flip side is the summer, when around 2am the sky goes to a dusk then brightens again by 2.30am and the day is back! In winter I try to enjoy seeing the colours and changes, while in summer I try to bask in the light that seems to not stop! Enjoying what you have no matter how much or how less is a blessing, thank you for yours, and keep greeting the sun with your optimism.

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