Knit, Tai Chi, Purl

vlcsnap-2017-01-24-12h02m39s538We all know that knitting for a living can be a strangely solitary process. It can also be incredibly sedentary. Wanting for the both of us to get into shape (both physically and mentally), Phillip and I have started practicing Tai Chi. We are, of course, beginners to the practice, but have already noticed quite a few changes taking place.

In physical terms, man do my legs ache! Ha! (In a good way, of course!) In spiritual terms, you could say we’ve slowed down the thought process, not to push too aggressively, let the moments guide us….be sensible and not reactionary. Phillip noticed how much I push myself, how erratic my life had once been, so moving forward we really wanted to make the best of our lives together. We wanted to find more peace.

Along with the Tai Chi, we’ve also been doing a lot of visualization exercises, dreaming about the future and it’s potential, possibilities that can only take shape if we’re in tune with each other, the world around us, and the universe at large. We really want my new book to take us to the next level, but without madness; calmly building a bridge to a bright future with each other. I’ve ordered the first batch of “Man VS Skein” and they are on their way. If I can sell another 20 copies by Thursday, I’ll be able to get another huge discount on the printing, which helps so much when it comes to the cost of the book. So, if you’d like a copy, please click here.

I got Phillip to start eating more vegetarian. I’m not a strict vegetarian, because when you’ve been hungry, you don’t place such standards on yourself. You eat what is available. So, we’ve started making more Indian food at home, after the success of our Indian black eyed pea dish we made on New Year’s Day. So, he’s not as sluggish from digesting so much, and is starting to trim down nicely.

Things feel better. They really do. Just small attempts, exploring new things can be truly great. When I feel I’ve sat in this chair too long knitting, I’ll stand up, do a review of some of the Tai Chi I’ve learned, then have a seat and get back to work. I feel better when I do that, I breathe better when I do that, my stitches are smoother when I do that.

img_3184I feel good 🙂

Oh! and take a look at the new Strange Friends Phillip has in our shop.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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