The Big Dreams of a Little Teddy Bear

img_5651I’m really glad that everyone seems to like the excerpts from “Man Vs Skein.” I told you it was going to be so much different than other books on knitting. In my mind it is like “Memoirs of a Geisha”…..with knitting needles. So far, we’ve sold 35 copies. Some of the big names out there aren’t threatened by my presence….yet 😉 But, I know with your support, and your sharing my blog posts, and telling people what you think of my writing, then I’m sure we can make it something close to a best seller. And why not? If we’re going to dream, then shouldn’t we dream as big as we can? Can you imagine what would happen if everyone that read this blog got a copy of my book? Wow….we could really make a difference. From out of nowhere, we’d all arrive somewhere in the fantasy land of viral sharing, and get people talking about knitting in a completely different way. We could get people to see that this craft can make strange impacts on people’s lives. We could inspire people that feel lonely, disenfranchised, or helpless, that we’re all here, waiting for them. And that sometimes something as simple as a knit teddy bear can changed your life forever.

img_3191I’ve also added the “Knit Beasties” back into my shop, too. This way, if anyone wants my whole collection of the teddy bear, lion, tiger, elephant and rabbit, they can get them in one adorable box. (And they really do look amazing all packaged together. Like this menagerie of knitted friends jumping out to greet you).

And of course, Phillip has a new Strange Friend over in the shop, too.

Anyway, was just dreaming big this morning…. 🙂

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