Feminists Attempt to Destroy Male Knitter For Political Beliefs

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, then you are probably unaware of the controversy that has erupted over a conversation in a knitting group about the “Pussy Hats” used at the Women’s March. Before you read the rest of this blog, go ahead and watch the video below to get you up to speed.

Now, you may not agree with everything I said, nor even any of my opinions for that matter. We can beautifully, or even harshly disagree with each other. Yes, we can get into fights, get into heated rows that may strain the hope of ever having a friendship. But, once this video was posted, the issue got even nastier. We wanted to put this behind us. They banned me from the group (which they have every right to), and after they followed me to my Facebook page and kept up the madness, I started blocking them (which I hated to do, because I wanted people to see both sides, but their side was skewed with misinformation and lack of emotional reasoning). But, there you have it.

I then posted a motion that we simply move on. We’re going to use our craft for some benefit, for some truly good cause that was non-political. We were finished, right? Putting better energy into the world, right?

16425516_741142992717549_1309617436_n-1Apparently not. The same members of the group decided they weren’t finished with me yet. Now, they had purposely decided to destroy my career. They were not going to give up because, as one person said, “there is no place in the world for a homophic, transphobic, sexist like him.” So, they apparently went on a campaign to not only ruin my career, but to financially cripple me. Yes, they wanted to see the once and former homeless man homeless again to prove a point, that you were not to disagree with them, and that any disagreement would be cause for absolute annihilation of character, finances, and reputation using quotes out of context and misinformation. Basically, they didn’t want to see me silenced, they didn’t want me to work again. This screen shot was sent to me so that I could see exactly what they had called for. An absolute ban on not only my work, but my livelihood, as well. As you can see, this feminist group decided they were going to direct people to my work for the sole purpose of downgrading it with bad reviews. Well, I thought that was silly, you have to buy the book in order to review it, right? Which would mean, I get paid, so who cares. I still get paid….Apparently not. Anyone can write a review, even if they haven’t read the book.


amazon2This morning, I woke up to find this on Amazon. Yes, in a matter of hours, they had taken to Amazon in strong numbers to destroy it’s ranking with negative reviews. I have reported each of the reviews to Amazon as abuse, but who knows how long it will take for them to respond, or reply, or even take them down. If she wanted to screw me, financially, she has done a pretty good job. This is another moment where a conservative who disagrees with a liberal has no chance for survival. Who knows how many books were not purchased because of the reviews? Who knows what publisher might be looking at my work and feel it’s a dud in the water (the book had some really GOOD reviews), but the most recent are the one star reviews, pretty much where people would decide if they want to buy it or not. I did have something of a partnership I was working on with a larger company, and I can pretty much say that is probably not going to happen now, because when you’re trying to market to knitters, you’re probably marketing to a large number of women, and the last thing they want is a partnership with a man who is “sexist, transphobic, and misogynistic.” (It’s funny, I’ve spelled and seen “misogynistic” so many times in the last 3 days that I no longer need spellcheck to get it right). Now, keep in mind, throughout this whole episode, and even in my videos, I never named any names. Because I didn’t want to cause any one to go and harass them. That was until I saw that one individual’s post and realized that if they were going to proudly announce who they were, then I had no problem helping them out. The original screen shot on my Facebook page, DOES have her name.

They only think I can do is to sue her for any income I might have lost because she purposely mislead people, using my own words in order to get rid of me, because again, apparently the world has no place for people like me. And when you hear a statement like that, is it just that want you ruined? Or are for you to not even exist? It’s a frightening situation. But, maybe that would be too expensive? Who knows what kind of income we’ll have right now. Maybe the only thing we can do is…..go away? I mean, what do we do? Phillip says we should start a “Go Fund Me” for legal bills.  We may have to use those funds for rent, we may have to use those funds for a number of reasons because of what this whole ordeal may have cost me.

The admin of the group did contact me and say they had taken everything they could in regards to this situation down, but I had to remind her that damage had already been done. Two days of vitriol and character assassination had already done some serious damage. My name has already been trashed and my income has been affected.

cordell2Yes, this is the nastiness they are smearing me with. And I won’t tolerate it. If it comes down to needing a lawyer, then I’m afraid that’s what we’ll have to do. And we may not even be able to get a lawsuit. But, we do know that we have to do something to protect ourselves, rather than bend and bow to bullies that claim to be tolerant.
I wanted civility once. I guess the other side doesn’t care too much for that.

We have to clarify, that we are being told by third parties she is posting that she has contacted the police because I harassed her, a lawyer for something, and that I know full well she has a child at home. So, again. With everything that has happened, I may have to hire an attorney, NOT TO SUE HER NECESSARILY, but because I just may have to defend myself. She says to others she will not contact me because her lawyer told her not to. I’m not going to be bullied and I’m not going to let her play the victim card now. Yes, now it’s my fault. And she’s crying in the corner, having to change her name and promote victimization for being treated unfairly because she’s just a fragile woman. And I have to put down my knitting needles to defend myself. Well, game on, darling. I will raise the funds to fight you back. I’m not going down without a really good legislative fight.

So, my husband and I have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help with the legal bills, or to just to cover the losses of what the lies these women have costs us.

If you are really REALLY tired of being bullied by people who don’t agree with your political beliefs to the point of ruining your career, by all means, PLEASE share. Because for everyone one of us they take down, someone else that disagrees with them is next, using wildly exaggerated campaigns to erase the fact the you even existed.  If they wanted to frighten us, they succeeded. If they wanted to hurt us financially, they succeeded. If they want us to go away and never be heard from again, I’m putting up a fight. And you can help us win it.

If you wish to help with my GO FUND ME campaign, please click here.

Or, if you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate. Every small bit helps. Thank you!






  1. Children should not be exposed to adult issues. I believe that just as with religion, politics should not be a part of a child’s vernacular. I agree with you and I would strongly recommend you:
    a) walk away from this group knowing you are a bigger, better person;
    b) delete the negative comments on Amazon if you can or petition them to remove them if you can’t, and send them the screen capture encouraging people to leave negative feedback;
    c) file a complaint with Facebook and tell them you’re being harassed;
    d) advise them to cease and desist or you will be forced to take legal action.

    These people are insane, right-fighters who are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. I’m furious on your behalf! But life is too short and they are not worth your energy, emotion or time.

  2. Unbelievable. I hope you sent her post for people to review to Amazon as awell. They aren’t stupid, they can see all of the negatives at one time is weird. Let me know if we can help in any way!

  3. The Admins of the knitting groups have deleted everything from their groups concerning this. Alice has been bullied and threatened with rape and death so many times now because of this. It has been dropped on that side I’m very sorry that this happened but I don’t believe you’re going to be getting any more harassment and I strongly urge you to encourage your followers to take the highroad and stop harassing her in your name.

    1. I perhaps would, if I were to receive an apology. I have reached out to her in the softest way I could asking if she would be in touch with me so that we could remedy this before it escalated. She never responded, but instead drove it even further. I am sorry to hear of the threats made on her, if they are in fact not embellished, but I never encouraged anyone to pursue her with harassment, as she did to me. She rallied people together for one nefarious purpose. PROUDLY. I cannot be held accountable for her actions, only mine….

      1. All I can say is that I am sorry for my short part in it. I have been trying to broker peace on this. I even put a nasty review on Amazon and deleted it 30 minutes later because it was a stupid thing to do. The whole thing isn’t right.

        I won’t say my name here because I’m not opening myself up to threatening messages. They really are happening. I know you did not ask for that to happen. People are just doing it and it’s awful.

    2. Gregory in no way encouraged anyone to turn around and do the same thing to this hateful, spiteful woman as has been done to him. The Admins of that knitting group should be forced by Facebook to close the group down.

      1. Not everyone in that group participated. Some people stayed out of it. The problem ones got butthurt over the YouTube video. Not every feminist is part of the stereotype. Go after the known instigators.

  4. OMG, don’t people have other things to do than to bring someone down? Sure hope they aren’t claiming themselves as “christians”, good grief. we are all PEOPLE. People Matter. we can not all have the same opinion. I don’t follow your political practices, I don’t care. those are your rights and i have mine. I certainly don’t believe that people have a right to force their views onto me. Gregory, I loved your video and am so sorry there are such shallow people out there…stay strong.

  5. My heart aches that you have had to deal with all of this. I know that we might not agree politically but I value your thoughtfulness and commitment and you have the right to express your opinion. If we don’t listen to each other and try to understand all viewpoints how do we progress as a civilization? I agree that children should not be used as political pawns by anyone. Furthermore, we have the experience of a mom we know participating in a local march but deliberately not wearing the hat, nor her 8 year old daughter, because of the nuances of the hat. I hope that every parent at least considered the issue. It was not isolated to the mother you referred to. Thank you for your thoughtful video. A final thought–I use the word sweetheart, something I learned from my dad who was born and raised in upper New York state. The only time I would take exception to its use toward me is if the tone and intent behind it was contrary to the meaning of the word. In which case any word could be used and I would still take exception. It is a good word.

    Another thought. We work really hard in our knitting group not to exclude anyone on the basis of experience, materials used, or knitting interest. We are still going after 20 years. The knitters who have had a less inclusive mind set drop away pretty quickly. I had forgotten that until listening to you today.


  6. I’ve been through this myself on a well known crafting site, even got banned from the site for not worshiping Obama. When people think of knitters as being little old ladies in a rocking chair, they are wrong, many (not all thankfully) are extreme far left, anti-tolerant evil women.

  7. I’m sorry, why are they quoting from The Waiter and the Fly? They must have read it! I have been watching a tiny bit of the protests and have wondered why these people didn’t use their vote to protest earlier, like, well,I don’t know, maybe last June? I am a feminist, I am a liberal, I am a woman who believes that we should have the right to an abortion, but these protests have really made me angry. There is no clear message, only that they don’t like Trump. I don’t like Trump either, but I didn’t like Bush 2, or Bill Clinton. They didn’t completely destroy us, though Bush tried. Clinton was just a womanizer without a conscience, an icky person.
    I read the first book on a whim and I have followed you ever since. I have made several bears and ordered a t shirt. I don’t see any reason why they have to put down someone for their beliefs. Maybe we don’t see eye to eye, but we can agree to disagree and get along. I work with some very liberal people who are scared of the new president and I work with some very conservative people who think he is just great. My husband is a bit of a Trump supporter and has taken to sharing details with me, I smile and nod and keep on knitting.
    Keep doing what you are doing, ignore the Nay sayers, write some more and continue trying to get published. Maybe the bad publicity will sell more?

  8. “They were not going to give up because, as one person said, ‘there is no place in the world for a homophic [sic], transphobic, sexist like him.’”

    Um. Not only did the person who said that about you grievously slay a word, they might have forgotten a little something about you. *glancing at your husband, who seems delightful based on your frequent blog mentions of him* If that’s homophobia, I apparently missed a memo…..

    You are awesome, they are not. (((hugs))) May the negative publicity bring you a million new readers who know how to look beyond fake reviews and bullying and may they all become fans. ❤

    1. Well, yes! That was brought up. Apparently, “a self loathing homosexual.” I assure you I loathe myself for more important things than my sexuality 🙂 Thanks for the comment. And yes, my husband is awesome in all this. He’s very protective of me 🙂

  9. This is all so ridiculous!!!! I have never seen so many people doing/saying such EVIL in the name of GOOD. These days people believe that their opinions matter more than being a good person. Shame, shame.

    I will forever treasure my teddy bear made by you. Not one personal opinion will change that.

  10. I am gobsmacked at how much time and effort has been put into lambasting a person for a difference of opinion. Then, to encourage others to “take down” a person on their say so is the worst form of bullying. It is just plain unkind, to say the least. I am appalled at their treatment of you. As I tell my kids, be kind, be respectful of and mindful of others and their feelings, and if you don’t agree with them, acknowledge the difference and move on. What a less diverse world we would be in if we all thought and believed the same things. You have worked so hard to get to this point, and I hope that common sense and common decency prevails. If not, there are a bunch of people out here that are rooting for you, and supporting you!

  11. i have thoroughly enjoyed your video for many reasons. and i happen to agree with every point you made. i have stopped having anything to do with so many knitting groups in the past few months because of this same sort of nastiness. i also tend to call it as i see it. if you’re going to parade around as a stereotype don’t whinge about being recognised.
    born and raised in Scotland i use the term ‘sweetie’ in the same way you use sweetheart. and now that i am forced to live in america i use Scottish slang and curse words because the americans don’t realise what i am calling them ‘under their clothes’.
    i am happy to now have a voice and manner to go along with your face and name. i love your work. i wish i could afford to support you more but you can call me sweetheart anytime for any reason.

  12. We may not agree on much politically (although, human rights for everyone–with you on that one!), but I’m with you on your right to knit how you want and what you want and with whatever yarn you want. And to hold your own opinions while respecting those of others. And to make your living how you want. I didn’t see the FB conversations, as I never even knew that group existed (don’t think I’ll go look for it now…). I may not like being called “sweetheart” by random people but I know where your Southern heart is coming from when you say it, as I’ve got a bunch of Southern relatives and friends, and I wouldn’t be offended.

    Also, the Lion arrived last week; he’s lovely! I’m building the book menagerie animal by animal! I also need to send you some yarn and order the newest book; thanks for being out there and reminding me.

  13. I feel for you, Gregory. I find those who do this kind of thing absolutely pathetic. To use a child to spout your political positions is wrong in so many ways. I have watched people I thought were friends saying such hateful things because the election did not produce the results they considered proper and are madly attacking everyone and everything they can to force something to change. I was asked by a “friend” on Facebook who i voted for, I did not respond as firstly it was none of their business and from the posts they were putting up it was more than evident that they were looking for more places and people to lash out at in their anger.
    From what I have seen and read, i believe you were trying to be balanced in your response to an unnecessarily virtulent attack. But to go to these lengths to destroy a person and their livelihood is criminal – I believe you may even have a defamation lawsuit if you choose to persue it. I refuse to cooperate with these rabid people be it their fascist feminism or hateful liberalism when any disagreement is considered an actual attack upon them. I disagree with the idea that it is even necessary to react in the way they do. There were a lot of people who were as deeply disappointed when the last two elections came out as they did, there were none of this kind of violent, hateful attacks, there should be none now. We are supposed to be a country where the peaceful succession of poiltical power is the norm. I would remind these women that everything on the internet is pretty much there forever. Their employers can see these things, their friends and family members can see them, prospective employers and see them and the government can see them. You have my support, poor as it is, you’ve got it. I would probably have said something very similar and done much the same as you have if I was in a similar situation. It might be possible to take the negative reviews up with Amazon and see if there is a way to remove them. Those are supposed to be honest reveiws of those who have read the books or used the products.
    I know you will overcome this nastiness, you’re a good person.

  14. I just have to start by saying that I have not heard of you or this knitting group before yesterday. So with that, I am a complete outsider. I don’t remember how I saw your video, but the title seemed surprising and I watched.

    I agree with you 100%, children should not be used as political weapons. If I had a child who asked for that hat, I would also be torn and may suggest a different color. But then again, who knows? It depends on the child. If it is a mature 10 year old with some understanding I feel like they should be allowed to make their own decision as to whether or not they want to wear the hat. The parent should allow their child the choice without skewing their answer with their own opinion, though. That is how you grow strong, independent, free thinking children. A 3 year old talking about politics, certainly not. But that is just my opinion.

    However, I will say after watching your video that perhaps it was not your disagreement with the initial political question that was the problem. I am a woman and do not claim “feminism” either, I believe in equal rights for all people. I felt that from your own admission in your video, you said some things to this woman that would have pissed almost any woman off in the context of this conversation. One of the bigger things, never call a woman sweetheart if she’s pissed at you. Southern or not, you will always come off as demeaning or condescending. There is no way around it. (I’m a woman from the south, and I would say the same thing if you were another woman.) I am absolutely certain that if the debate became as heated as you say it did that she probably also said some nasty things as well, so please do not think that I have not considered that.

    I do not think that your work should be impacted by a political debate, but this is why they always say that you never discuss religion or politics in the workplace. Bad things happen if you get too heated to control yourself. If I chose to call someone a bitch and say any of the things that you admittedly said in your video in my workplace, I would be canned immediately because it is inappropriate. My livelihood would be impacted. I understand that you probably work for yourself, but if your craft is your job, you should either keep your politics outside of it or remain professional while speaking of such things. Yes, this group is supposed to be “uncensored”. Yes, the original person (not sure of who the debate was with, but I imagine it wasn’t the person who originally posted) asked for an opinion about a political matter. Yes, you answered with your honest opinion. But, with all of that being said, if your craft is your business and things appear to be getting out of hand, it is probably best to remain professional in what would then be a professional setting (even if that setting is an online knitting group). If the woman on the other side of the post or any ‘followers’ are stalking your posts as you think they may be, I would urge the same level of professionalism from them as well. Political opinions are that, opinion. Each party should be respected in their beliefs and respectful to each other, and it sounds like that did not happen on either party’s end.

    In short, you are both at fault and this entire thing is petty.

  15. Wow – I have followed this with interest. I only have this to say – things escalate on the internet in a way that they don’t in real-life, because nuances can’t be read etc. How I use public forums has changed a lot recently, because I keep seeing incidences like this, getting out of hand very quickly. Remember Greg – this is drama – not necessarily yours, don’t get too distracted by it, if possible 😉 And lastly – energy flows where attention goes – direct your attention where YOU want it to be. And of course, keep on knitting 😀 xxx

  16. This really pisses me off. Look, I love following your blog. I admire both you and your husband. I am a crocheter, not a knitter. I am a progressive, not a conservative. Basically I am an old, married, feminist grandmother of 3, but I love you and your blog and your story. Please don’t fall into the same extremist reactions. I am not now, nor have I ever supported the kinds of behavior that you have been subjected to and I thoroughly condemn it! I apologise for the insane.

  17. Gregory, having purchased two or three of your little friends I now feel very glad that I did. I agree with you on what direction feminism has taken in this country and am sorry that this happened to you. You are a thoughtful writer whom I love to read. Karma can and will be a bitch for this woman, too bad she brought it on herself. Goddess bless you!!

  18. Hi Gregory, I have followed your blog off and on for a little while now. When I heard of the tempest on that group I was surprised. I never did understand the full thing, and didn’t follow it. Frankly, it seems to me that group was started because of fights in another knitting group. I’m glad you’re standing up and that you are not giving in to their nonsense. This may have even inspired me to order your book. 🙂 Good luck to you.

  19. I just got ’round to reading this. Well, my, my! What an interesting little group, there. Loved your video, please do more. I have a few things to say, if I may.

    1. I was molested at six years-old. Molestation does not a “feminist” make. I very much doubt the female making that broad statement (don’t you dare forgive that pun!) has been molested. If such an incidence causes ranting, paranoia, and a deep-seated hatred for anyone but the one who has done the molesting, psychological intervention is necessary.

    2. The pattern of the so-called “pussy hat” (Really? Being a “feminist” equals crassness? Sweetheart, please.) is essentially two squares. I have used that pattern for years to make a crap load of hats for a missionary group that solely ministers to the masses of homeless men, women, and children in New Jersey. I used Red Heart. I did not knit one pink one. I’m insulted that a perfectly good pattern has been hijacked to hurt instead of help.

    3. My 26 year-old daughter asked me to knit her a “pussy hat”. I said no. She asked why. I told her that if she’s so proud of her stance, and wasn’t just following what she thinks is a popular opinion, she’d borrow a set of my needles, get some pink yarn, get the pattern, and learn how to knit. I refuse to use my dwindling time and God-given ability to knit anything that will be used in such a fashion. (She apparently isn’t too proud of, or moved by, today’s version of “feminism”; she remains un-pussy-hatted).

    I would absolutely encourage you to retain a lawyer and sue for damages. I’m tired of social media bullies. I’ve been off Facebook for months because of it.

    Purls before swine, my dear. Remember that. 😉

  20. Im so sorry this happened to you. Long time reader and fan.
    Some of those facebook groups are vicious. I admire your wisdom, and maturity in this matter.

    Oh, and you and your husband are adoreable.

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