An Acceptance of An Apology…Sort Of

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I received a few messages from some people involved in our current controversy. They wrote to me to offer an apology for how badly the situation has escalated, admitted that they had been some of the ones that had egged it on and had written some of the fake reviews on Amazon, and that they felt that they had not realized how effective the campaign was going to be against me. I accepted their apologies, thanked them for being honest and kind enough to offer one, and extended an olive branch to say that hopefully we can all reconcile to get back to knitting. After all, that is our common thread (so to speak) and one in which we should build a relation from.

Then I was asked why I have not removed the Go Fund Me page, nor any of the posts that I made on Facebook revealing what they had done. The answer is quite simple: you cannot delete real life. These events caused real and severe repercussions, some of which we may not even know for a while. Just because you delete a post on your end does not mean that it never happened. This is real life, and sadly, in real life you are not afforded to the opportunity to UNDO or DELETE regretful moments. For instance, the fake reviews are still on Amazon, despite my reporting them for abuse. As I mentioned before, who knows how long they will be up there for anyone passing by to read. Furthermore, the continued onslaught against me still does damage. In my last blog, I gave a very heartfelt plea that we not in engage with them, or that I least I would not. They would receive no answer from me. I would not be pulled into the madness, but would rather have an attorney tend to that on my behalf. Yes, we have been in touch with a very large firm and have offered them our side of the situation and our evidence.

Furthermore, Go Fund Me suspended my account for a short while. After our discussions, and after handing over more screen shots, they ultimately sided with me and put my page back up. So, you see, again, there was an attempt to not only prevent me from having an income off of my writing, or my knitting, but also to prevent me from raising the money to pay for a lawyer to defend myself in this mess. Thankfully, Go Fund Me has reinstated my page.

So, yes. We are no longer engaging with the individuals that instigated the defamation, libel and impediment of income, but we are still pursuing the issue as a legal matter. We really had no choice. We may have the notions of moving ahead with concepts of a greater purpose, but we still have to protect ourselves and our income.

I thank all of you SO much for your enduring support. The challenges that this episode has shown only proves that there are greater people in the knitting community, even if we aren’t the loudest. Because some of the best knitters you will ever know show themselves to be (again) more contemplative in nature, and allow the quiet silence of truth and reason to rule our needles, rather than the vitriol of a badly tangled skein of yarn.

To those of you that apologized for your actions, I cannot thank you enough for that. It shows promise, communication, and to be frank, courage in admitting you were wrong. That’s very important to all of us now. Courage. And all of you reading this blog give me a great deal of courage. I’m never alone, and that means so much to Phillip and I. We love all of you, so much more than you may realize.

So, if you would like to help out with our legal fees, our Go Fund Me Campaign is here.

Or you can simply donate with the button below.

Thank you all so very much.

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  1. During the Obamacare debacle (before it signed into law) I was very active on a large knitting forums. They have a segment of the site where people can post things not related to yarn or it’s issues. I was pretty horrified at the attacks from liberals on conservatives over the fear conservatives had of the law. I was like ‘REALLY??’ I expect this on FB, but among knitters??

    Another thing that dismayed me was the attitude that one should only knit with natural fiber yarns and synthetic yarns were the work of the devil.. It was proposed that if you couldn’t afford to knit with costly yarns you should just stop knitting.. Give.. Me.. A.. Break.. I was poor as a church mouse when I started knitting and inexpensive yarns were my saving grace. I was also the happy recipient of many skeins from friends happy to unload from their synthetic stash.. Since 2007 I hazard a guess I have knitted over a thousand hats, given away or sold online..

    Hang in there Gregory. You have a solid group of supporters!

    1. And… we’re pretty sure you’re a troll who has nothing better to than put others down to make you feel better about your miserable self.

      Do us all a favor… go away and crawl back underneath your rock.

  2. It’s commendable that they reached out to apologize and that you forgave them. As for the posts, I see from previous replies that there are those who still hold a gripe anyway-appropriate name for the commenter, too! Eventually, everything will move down the timeline of our online lives.
    What really bothers me is the false reviews on Amazon. That’s just mean-spirited. I can’t help but call them on those reviews. I noticed other friends did too.
    By the way, great job on the video part of that post!

  3. And people think bullies are only school age. Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies have a lot to answer for. All “social media” sites are suspect for their content and people who say they don’t believe anything they see or hear in the mainstream media are the worst on so called social media. Give us all strength and good luck and best wishes Gregory Patrick and Phillip. xxx

  4. I wish I could help financially Gregory, but I do support you and I’m deeply ashamed of my fellow knitters. The poster above needs to look in the mirror. As soon as I can I will buy a bear or one of the strange friends.
    Just remember when ever there is good in the world or just when you are about to hit a breakthrough, all hell will break lose against you.

  5. I left a comment on FB as to my feelings on the subject…lol. Can’t abide the catty B.S. and I was even more pissed when I found some of the vitriol that they spewed forth still lingering on FB. So glad you have stood your ground in the amidst the flurry of claws and hissing felines that attacked you with an almost mob mentality. Thank heavens you are larger than a rodent! There wouldn’t have been enough left to call hamburger meat!! Stay strong and vigilant and don’t let them get you down. You aren’t alone… 🙂

  6. Hi, Gregory. I don’t read or respond to a lot of the stuff that comes into my e-mail file; I just don’t have the energy. But this one is different. I am bummed that you had to experience such vindictive closed-mindedness, particularly in a group supposedly dedicated to sharing of a wonderful craft/art.
    I bought the digital version of “The Bear That Saved Me”, by the way. It’s a totally delightful book, and I will try to figure out how to leave a positive review on Amazon. (Old lady, technologically challenged, yadda yadda…)
    I hope things improve for you very soon!
    Hugs to you and your partner.


  7. Do you happen to have screenshots of the apologies? Or updates or advice from your legal team? You shared and kept up the original comments and previous updates and were very active on social media, so the story seems incomplete without seeing how it all played out in the end. If reporters pick this up, they’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing those elementd too.

    I say this as a freelance writer who’s been following various knitting group political dramas for a long form piece. Most of them end without a satisfying resolution for readers and aren’t worth writing about. Someone on one side or another just ghosts out of the debate or the groups shut down. Which is why this story is interesting. It didn’t just die off after a few hours, it’s lasted nearly a week now. Would be fun to see how it really ends. Food for thought.

  8. Hi Gregory! Just popped in to say Hi and to let you know that I was thinking about you!
    Stay strong! Stand up for what you believe is right! Know that you have tons of support and that I am here if you need anything.
    Thanks for just being you! Say Hi to Phillip for us!!

  9. I find it very disturbing when adults behave like such children. Hold your head high and do not stoop to their level. I may not always agree with your opinions but would never stoop to lying and name calling. Can adults not realize that the world would be very different and change would never happen if we all felt the same about every issue.

  10. Wish I knew what it was all about, Gregory.’ But I like your post because it accords with my philosophy. Being sorry shouldn’t excuse someone from paying the price for atrocious behavior. We don’t let our children get away with it.

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