A Resolution to the Conflict

I’m assuming this will be the last post on this topic. Or, at least I hope it is, for I do feel we have come to a resolution to the controversy that erupted a week ago.

Our decisions always give clear indications of the persons we are, they define our character better than our words do. When asked today  how I would like to proceed legally…..I have to say that I could say nothing. The looming idea that, even though I was hurt financially, and my reputation thrown to the wolves, I was given the question on how I wanted to pursue this legally.

All I could think of was that the person that I had done this to me, had rallied a mob to defame me, had rushed them together to purposely lie and urged them to make false statements in public, would be possibly financially ruined. Who knows how deep the damage could be. The woman in question, despite her venomous actions, might have lost more than she had bargained for. Maybe her home, maybe her business. And as much as she made that her attempt on me, I find some deep sympathy in someone being ruined. (Obviously, when you know my own personal history of being homeless for so long). I have to confess that I felt troubled at the notion that I could do that to someone, because that is not the person that I am, or rather, that is not the person that I would want to become. So, I decided not to proceed with the matter legally. Doesn’t mean I can’t in the future, that is to say, if she or her friends decide to proceed with these attempts publicly, I will reconsider. But, I have not heard a word from her. Oh, yes, there are some nasty things being said, all of which untrue (“He attacked an autistic person!” Of course, I didn’t. Don’t be ridiculous).

But, the woman who incited this, who actually I do have a case against, In am not going to sue at this time. After a long walk alone, I could only think of her losing her home, probably causing damage to her life, her family, and all over an outrage on her part. I do think she should remember that the other people on the end of these interwebs are real people, and no one finds true heroes in those that destroy. We find our heroes in the compassionate.

All I ever wanted to begin with was for her to rally those same people and say she was wrong. All I ever wanted to do was talk her and ask why? All I ever wanted was for her to recognize what she had done and make it right, urge the same people that were smearing my Amazon and Facebook page to maybe put it all back together again and bring harmony back. And yes, I did want her to compensate me, not necessarily out of pocket, but to urge them to buy my books and bears. That would have been a great start towards reconciliation. And who knows? With the power of our combined abilities to, we might have been allies. You never know. And we REALLY were hurt financially by this. She may not know it, but we live pretty much hand to mouth. We couldn’t afford a setback at the moment. She could have helped to repair that, maybe even make it better, and I in turn could have found a great story in her own passion and drive. I imagine we will never know.

But, I never got any of that. I was never even given an apology, although I hear she has gone into internet “hiding.” Maybe she has remorse. Sadly, I will never know. As financially hurt as I was by this, I cannot feel comfortable that I would receive a windfall by someone else’s demise. That’s not how I hope to make a profit.

So, I guess that’s the end of it. I do have to say, while writing this now, I felt like crying. You know that pressure that builds behind the eyes, pulsing and framing itself into tears? I haven’t cried yet. I’m the sort that doesn’t tend to. Maybe I should more. I feel like I wanted to cry because….so many people were hurt in all of this, but….of all the people that were hurt, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt my enemy.

I just couldn’t bring myself to hurt my enemy….

We are leaving the Go Fund Me page open for now, if you’d like to help us recover. We really do appreciate it.

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  1. Oh Gregory, you are such a forgiving man. I applaud your compassion and your courage. You did the right thing, you proved your character is like fine gold, you are awesome.

  2. I encourage you to be the better person, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m not as beautiful as person as you, I would have finished what she started. Not for my pride, but because I have 3 little people depending on me and in the end my family matters more to me than hers does. She got lucky it was you, you’re amazing ❤

  3. Hi, I posted your post to Facebook last week after it happened. I’m the one who defended you on the knitting group you don’t want named! You’re a gracious man Gregory. But I’m still angry about it, but glad I’m out of the group. We all have to live with ourselves and I believe do the best we can and be kind. So I REALLY don’t get it, the unkindness.
    So I wanted to give you a heads up, I went to check your books over at Amazon, marking one to get in the future and I read the reviews on ALL the books. Only positive remain, you have high star reviews and where you can click for more reviews it says- “Only verified sales reviews” or something like that. I think you’ve been vindicated.
    What you should do is ask us fans to buy your books and write an honest review, which, I’m sure would be glowing.
    Sleep well, all’s good.

    1. What kinds things you did, between defending Gregory and checking the Amazon reviews. I had reported a bunch. I’m glad there aren’t any more now.
      There’s a great deal of unkindness lately. I don’t mind a difference of opinion, just not the personal attacks.
      You’re actions give me hope! It’s been wonderful being a very small part of Gregory’s life as a reader of his blog!
      Thank you, elissablue! Great idea about books, too. Will do!

      1. Thanks for the positive feedback. You’re right about people now, it’s a volatile atmosphere out there and I think if we were able to discuss our differences it would help. But the two sides politically are so trenched in, no one’s listening to the other side and many seem so quick to bash the other person. The knitting groups have gotten real bad and the one Mad Man Knitting joined was just forged a little over the week before because lots of us got beat up talking about knitting the PussyHats in another conservative knitting group. So I thought we were going to be nice, like we’ve learned a lesson maybe not to sling it around. Guess I was way wrong. There are a few liberal knitting groups that so far are OK, but I think it’s just an extremely bad political atmosphere now, not to excuse anyone for being so mean. Thanks for positive feedback. We need to be extra kinder to push back against mean bullies!

  4. Love your character. Keep being the wonderful role model you are xx I seem to have missed all the drama, but… I have just started a Fibre Art group on Facebook and I will post a link to your books on Amazon on Friday. Please say they deliver to Australia 🙂

  5. It may not seem so now, but you will be the better for this decision. Years ago I found myself in a situation where everyone advised me to sue an employer for wrongful termination. The EEOC actually contacted me! I took a good look at what that decision would entail and decided to let it go. I just didn’t want the next year ( or longer ) of my life to be about that negativity. I haven’t been sorry one little bit. And I’ve a feeling you won’t either when all is said and done. I am sorry for the financial setback. But you’ve weathered worse and you are not exactly alone in this anymore. You can do this – we’ve got you. Try to appreciate this little detour onto the high road. And going back to the original reason for the Great Kerfuffle – you were right you know.

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