And We Could Change the World Today

The “Pussy Hat” incident made me think of something this morning. Our political rivalries and angry approaches have been taken to degrees that I think any one of the Huns would have shook their heads at in disbelief. And how do we fix it? Our dialogues have ceased, if ever given a chance to begin in the first place. But, we as knitters speak so much about our care, concern and love for others through these stitches that are stockinette from the heart. So, why don’t we do that? Why don’t we mend the knitting community with what we do best: speak from the heart with our knitting?

As knitters, our hands speak more than we can truly ever say. As knitters, we are afforded a silence in our craft that is cheapened by the noise of our opinions (I blame myself for that quite often-my beautiful silence is often marred by my own noisy opinion. But, there you have it, I’m learning as I grow older). Instead of approaching each other with vitriol, why don’t we approach each other from a common place of understanding, on a level that speaks to each other in a way only we understand? Not to be metaphoric, but we all have dealt with tangled yarn, with hard to read patterns, with moth eaten skeins, and with projects that we love that get put on the back burner because life gets in the way. We all have the same common troubles, the same issues that face us in this craft.

I want people to look from outside in and ask, “Why is everyone suddenly knitting a teddy bear? Why are people GIVING each other a pattern for a teddy bear?” And then I want us all to whisper in unison, eyes peering up from our needles, “Because I want my adversary to know that I understand that we are still a community, and this is a gift for them.”

dscf2692_medium2That’s right. I want my pattern to prove a point. That it isn’t used to make a teddy bear for yourself, but that the pattern is given to your adversary as a gift, or for that someone in your life that isn’t a knitter, you can just whip out that teddy bear and give them that instead as a gesture of understanding. A flood of teddy bears could circle the world in no time at all, knitters and non alike would be inundated with this massive message that our attempts to discuss have gone sour, but I want you to know that from one crafter to another, I want us to come together.

I’m sending the pattern to the two women that I was embroiled with. It’s a gift from knitter to knitter. No hard feelings. We speak, believe it or not, the same language of knits and purls….

So, let’s do this. As fiery as the controversy got so quickly, maybe this idea would grow even faster and for a better reason and a better purpose. One of the absolutely hardest things you can do in life is forgive your enemy….but, it can be even harder to then gift them, offer them blessings, and hope for their wellness. It is so INCREDIBLY hard. But, we would be proving that it can be done, and should be done, for the sake of any kindness ever being born of knitting again.

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  1. i used to frequent a knitting forum where there were many post of ‘i knitted _____ for so and so and they didn’t appreciate it or didn’t thank me or gave it away whatever, and now i’m pissed and i won’t knit anything for them ever again.’ i don’t know anyone to knit for so i guess i should not comment but if i give anything to anyone it is a gift and done. what the recipient does with their belongings is not my issue. when i gave it to them it became theirs. they aren’t beholden to me. their manners or lack thereof are for their own conscience. my dear Scottish gran used to say ‘never lend something you need’ only she said it in Gaelic. Give freely and don’t look back…………………thanks, Gregory for the memory. and a hello to Phillip and the cats. <3—-e

  2. I thought your last post about settling it and moving on was the last one on this subject. Sending the pattern to those two mean people just keeps stirring the pot. In this political climate we are all in, beliefs aside, maybe letting go and just knitting for pleasure and not point is the point!

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