The True Test of Love

This was an amazing Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t filled with chocolate and flowers, nor doting eyes batting with flirtation. Nope, as a couple we fought like knitting ninja warriors. Bombarded from all sides, we smashed conflict left and right, battled the adversaries that approached us with fierce ferocity, and tenaciously knit and crocheted our issues with stealth and ease.

Now, we have been railroaded the last week, beat down by many inconceivable challenges. And throughout the week we admit that it took it’s toll on us. Falling into bed, we’d lay one hand on the other, breathing softly, “I’m too tired from all this to say ‘Goodnight.'”. So, as we woke to Valentine’s Day, there seemed to be this shrug between us, something that said, “Yeah, it’s a day like any other….” I might have given him a smooch, he might have HALF halfheartedly gave me a hug. We were just worn out from the beat downs we’ve had, too disinterested and preoccupied to enjoy each other.

Then something happened. We got hit again….and again….and again with wild, out of the ordinary things thrown at us, unseen madness from out of nowhere. Beginning at 10am, the onslaught from the Universe began. But, we did what we had to.

Boots on (you know it’s serious). SQUASH. HiYA! Boom! Taken down….

Then something else happened that was intended to destroy us. Boo ya! BAM! We fought along side each other, not weakening, not failing, but fighting hard against it all. This life we have built was not going to be destroyed, because we had each other, we were fighting FOR each other. KAPOW! SMASH! BANG! Ha HA! Take that you miserable bastard! HuWAHHH! CLANG CRASH!

Conflicts from the universe came at us hard today and we fought them off one by one….together. We were reminded that we were a team! And on Valentine’s Day, no less.


Our battles today were won. And as we stared down at the wrecked remains of the demons that had tried to claim us, Phillip looked to me and said, “Why is the Universe doing this to us?”

“To make sure we’re ready for blessings. The Universe wants to see that we won’t crash and burn before giving us some really great things.”

And sure enough, when all was said and done, and we wiped our brows in an apartment that had no electricity, the lights came on, the fan started whirring, and a gesture of kindness found itself glowing among the remains of some troubled days.

Then another blessing showed itself. Then another. And then another….Until we were finally wrapped in each other’s arms laughing with optimism and proudly saying to each other amidst the rubble, “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

(Big grin from both sides).

IMG_2019Now, that has to be the best Valentine’s gift ever. It showed the true test of our love. When some break down when it comes to money and crisis, we excelled and fought it off. We did what we could and we showed each other that we were THERE for each other. And as I mentioned, we’ve fought too hard to build this little cottage industry, this little family of ours, to watch it be hurt and harmed by something outside. The Universe said, “You two really do love each other…..”

Each other’s loyalty and promise was the best gift would could have given the other.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. My husband used this phrase regarding us and you two definitely fit it. You don’t want someone who is on your back, you want someone to have your back. Fight the good fight you will come out on top. Together!

  2. glad that you guys survived V-day. not sure i have yet. just found out yesterday my son crushed his right talus (ankle bone) Dr. says this is a bad as it gets. due to neuropathy i can’t get my autistic son to keep his weight off of the foot. spent my last 65.00 (well i still have $2.00 cash) to rent a wheelchair that i can’t get him to use. if he doesn’t stay off of the foot he very likely will lose it. he doesn’t care he doesn’t want to be alive at all. i am terribly afraid this may be where/when i lose him. i have no one else. i just don’t know how to go on.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! So glad you found each other in team work and conquered the scourge of the universe. That is what it is all about, when all is said and done. After all, it’s a partnership. 🙂

  4. Awww, sweet! Yes! If you’re in it for the long term, you go through *stuff*! (31 years & 11 months for me & hubby). Hang in there through sweet times and not so sweet. It’s worth it. Love and hugs to you both!


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