“KNITTER BE DAMNED” Ep2. “You, Too, Can Be a Homophone….”

vlcsnap-2017-03-03-21h48m19s670So, the second episode of our new podcast, “KNITTER BE DAMNED” has been uploaded! Whew! That took a while. Hope your Friday nights will always have a place for us on your watchlists 🙂 In this episode we covered what it was like for multiple knitters to live under the same roof, a few reviews of movies we watched while knitting, and answered some questions we got on Facebook. Once again, we had the best time, laughed our butts off, faux pas’d here and there, were incredibly politically incorrect, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves. So, to watch our latest episode just click here. 

On with the show!

But before we do, Phillip has a few new Strange Friends in our shop, and I have a little teddy bear, all ready to go, all of whom need to find new homes right ASAP!

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  1. WHy can I no longer order through your shop 😦 says does not ship to UK 😦 which is sad, and I would love a strange friend…

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