Because of His Silly Laughter

Good morning! Somewhere shy of 7am, I’m sitting with the coffee, my yarn gathered around me, Mario lapping up love from her bowl….

Phillip and I have been watching our videos over and over again, (not only because we enjoy them), but because we look for things we might do differently. And as I watch them, I can’t but help notice how different I feel these days, how my spirit seems to be brighter, happier. I smile more these days, and you can see how big my eyes are with wonder, how my stance is more comfortable. How I LAUGH more. And all of that began to grow the minute that man came into my life. I get to enjoy myself more. I get to appreciate things more. And when he’s not around, it’s that same chill of a feel that happens when something blocks the warm sun.

I am so delighted these days, because of that man’s silly laughter. Everything started coming together for both of us when he showed up. I noticed that in our videos. Being so close to being on a level playing field financially, we work ourselves as hard as we can, knowing that I’m doing it for him in my space, and he’s doing the same for me in his space. And we never tire of it, we never sigh in despair. Not many people are given the chance to do what they love, and even fewer still are given the chance to pursue your dreams with someone you love.

img_3238So, thank you so much. So many of you pointed that out to me. You mentioned that you noticed the Gregory you’ve been watching in our new videos is not the same Gregory you read a year ago. This one is brighter, the conversations lighter, the smile mightier. So, thank you.

We have a couple of things in our shop that we simply must get rid of today to get the bills paid. They are ready to ship, ready to go to new homes. So, be sure to look around and grab yourself a Strange Friend,or a teddy bear. We are so close to finally being free….

It’s going to be a sunny day. I think I’ll make us some eggs, and instead of retreating to our different spaces to work today, I think we should take ourselves as a couple outside, sit as a pair working under the beauty of the sun….

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  1. Extremely glad for your new found space and experiences.Wish you all the very best for whatever you might be doing next!It does resonate with your words how happy you are!Cheers to that!

  2. You guys give me so much hope and inspiration, that maybe at 71, this June 4th there still may be someone out there, who will make my life complete. I am so happy for you both. I survived my cervical spine surgery of May 15th. I am still in a lot of pain; in the neck and shoulder area. The pain clinic doctor assures me that the nerves have been under a lot of pressure and now that it is removed, it is going to take time for the pain to dissipate. She told me to cut back on the Morphine (which I had been doing anyway) and to increase the Prednisone. I think I am almost ready to pick up my crochet hook again, quite frankly I miss “Hookin”. Jajajaja Don’t stop prayin’ for me just yet, as I am still not out of the woods. Hugs and kisses, Tobias, Eloy, AZ.

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