How Proud, The One Hand Man….

If you’ve been watching our little show on youtube, then you’ve discovered that the phrase, “I’m the one hand man” has become something of a joke (Phillip had tried to call himself “a one man band,” but tripped on the words and it came out “one hand man,” instead). Oh! and hilarity ensues….

Before we started doing our podcast (or vlog, not sure, so we call it our “show”), not a lot of people knew very much about Phillip. He hadn’t been seen much, here and there in a few pictures, seen rarely, heard even less. He had an issue with confidence. He didn’t like people seeing him, he would freeze up when you tried to take his picture….but, now, NOW that we have started recording our youtube show, he has blossomed, grown more confident with himself, and has opened up in wonderful ways while in front of strangers. And he just loves the comments he gets from all of you about his Strange Friends, and his truly humorous and wonderful personality.

All of this has truly inspired him to catch a dream and run with it like a kite, let it fly, soar, and keep it aloft for as long as possible. He never thought in a million years, (what? six months ago?) that people would have flocked to his Strange Friends, nor even that he would ever have a life that is full of all the inspiration that you have given him. He thanks you for that. He thanks you for making him feel liked and special. So, here’s to my “one hand man,” and all his dreams.  And I would like to thank you all for making that big hearted man feel welcomed and warmed into all our lives. 🙂

Make my husband proud, grab one of his Strange Friends here!

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  1. I know that he can’t help his lack of confidence, but good golly gosh (keeping it clean, lol) he’s just as amazing as you are. The two of you are like peas in a pod. I think everyone should find a partner/bestie/hubby/wifey (whatever word you want to use) that makes you laugh like that. He’s as entertaining and talented as you are and it shows the entire time you’re in front of the camera. Wishing you the very best and further success. ( even got my husband watching you guys and he has no interest in knit or crochet, but he laughs at you guys as hard as I do)

  2. On of Philip’s strange friends sits of my desk at work. I’ve placed it in my line of vision and it makes me smile.

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