Cheers! To All of Us!


We wrapped this weeks episode of “Knitter Be Damned” today, giving us plenty of time to edit it and promote it before we upload it Friday night. Now, we did get some negative feedback about the show, some calling it vulgar, disgusting, and rude. And all we could say was, “Yay! That’s awesome!” We won’t bend our ways because people don’t approve of what we’re doing, because we’re having far too much fun with it, and no one is getting hurt. So, yes, some people will be offended, but unfortunately, that is likely to happen these days if you say something as simple as “Good morning.”

But, who cares? We’re the bad boys of fiber arts right now. We’re the “Absolutely Fabulous” of knitting. We’re the “Car Talk” of crocheting. We’re real people talking about real life while knitting and crocheting. So, in order to keep the show going, and not have it yanked, we’ve decided not to monetize the videos on youtube. Here’s what monetization is, if you’re not familiar. We throw ourselves into an ad pool, ads are put on our videos, and the more people that see the show, see the ads, and hence, the more money we’ll make.

However, according to those guidelines, there are certain perimeters you have to work within in order to be monetized. You can’t say certain things, you can’t DO certain things on camera, and you are pretty much at the mercy of their control. We would have to sterilize what we say, wouldn’t be able to be as overtly fun as we are now, and it would all get…..well, boring. So, instead, we’ll take what we call the PBS approach. We’ll rely on funding “from viewers like you.” Yes. 🙂 Just like PBS, we’ll be asking that if you like our show and would like to see it continue, to donate a few dollars to show your enjoyment of it. That way, we’ll be allowed to run free, not be constrained by guidelines, and continue doing the show as we like it, without an advertisers input, but by YOUR input instead. And even if youtube were to yank it, we’d be able to raise the funds to go “premium” on this blog and upload the videos here.

We really like doing this show. You cannot imagine how much it has strengthened the relationship between Phillip and myself. We were already closely tied because of our love for each other, but we now have something that we’re both involved in that has offered us a different sort of bond that just made our relationship stronger. We LOVE what this show has allowed us to do: be real. No Photoshop, no Instagram filter, no high production value….just us enjoying each other and sharing it with you. And we’re having the time of our lives, finally.

If you like the episodes we’ve done so far, help us keep it going! We have a lot of plans for future episodes. Yarn bombing knitting groups. Remote, on location yarn shopping. Guests from all across the world. And more importantly, a keen push to get more men knitting. 🙂

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  1. I like your idea of of “on location yarn shopping”. That sounds like a lot of fun. Another thing I always wondered about what was your neighborhood looks like? Whenever I read about you going out to Publix to shop for groceries or stopping in to your local Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant for a bite to eat, I always try to imagine what those places look like, what the street you live on looks like, the little lane that runs behind your house, etc. So I really enjoyed seeing you and Phillip in your back yard on one of your videos. Maybe you could share some video with us of the other places that you two go on a regular basis? I would really enjoy that and I’m sure other people would too.

      1. Fabulous! I’ll be looking forward to that. For us Canadians stuck in the frozen north up here, a little glimpse of your neighborhood in Florida would be a welcome treat.

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