“Knitter Be Damned” Ep3. “A Fellow Knitter From Across the Lake”

Wow….That’s all I can say. HA! WOW! What an episode this was! We had a fellow knitting fella from the UK send an us an audio recording, which we played and responded to with some notable hilarity. 🙂 As rough as I felt through this episode (and you’ll see why), I managed to pull myself together, even though I didn’t do very much knitting through this episode. Phillip, however, does not dissappoint with his usual bastardizing of the English language. I think we’ll have to turn his unintended innuendos into some kind of “look for it” game. Just click on the picture, or here, to watch this week’s show.

We also have hours of unused material that was never aired, lots of bloopers and some ramblings that were quite funny, but that were just cut for time. So, we’ve decided that if you donate just $5 to help keep the show going, we’ll send a private link to our “bonus” video to say say, “Thank you!”

Enjoy the show everyone. And thank you SO much for all the support you’ve shown us. You’re making two guys feel really special and loved! Thank you!

If you like the episodes we’ve done so far, help us keep it going! We have a lot of plans for future episodes. Yarn bombing knitting groups. Remote, on location yarn shopping. Guests from all across the world. And more importantly, a keen push to get more men knitting. 🙂

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