On Location, Electric, and Almost There

We just had the best suggestion from Lucie on what to do with our next show. (this is the drum rollllll) We should do our next episode yarn shopping. We have been wanting to do more on location stuff, and Joann’s is a great idea. So, I imagine one day this week we’ll be heading out on the bus to visit the big box and grab some yarn. (oh yes! And we have some “unboxing” to do in our next episode. Furthermore, I’ve put together a collection of all of my knitting patterns in one volume. It has the lion, the tiger, the bear, the rabbit, and the elephant, as well as other ways to modify the patterns to get even MORE critters with just a little creativity. And with Easter around the corner, the rabbit pattern will be really useful. You can find that here.

Phillip has a new Strange Friend in the shop and I’m highly caffeinated right now 🙂 Yes, we have been in hardcore overdrive the last few weeks. We are serious about getting out of debt this month. And we are almost there. A mere couple of hundred dollars and the only expenses we’ll have to worry about will be the usual rent and utilities. We got rid of his phone, and just use the one now. And it’s hardly a fancy  phone, but a simple cell phone that costs $25 a month. It rings and sends texts and that’s all we need, saving a HUGE amount of money every month.

Our utility bill is due now (which is why you see me pushing so hard to sell at the moment-we have until midnight tonight to finish paying it off) and once that has been chunked out of the way (and the lights stay on), we’ll be working off that last couple of hundred dollars of our debt…..and then we can rest. We can sigh, breath deep, and rest. So! Check out the shop, see what we have is new and enjoy! oh! And don’t forget that anyone who donates gets the hidden link to the bonus video of bloopers and outtakes from our show. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I need to go for a walk and burn off this coffee buzz 🙂

If you like the episodes we’ve done so far, help us keep it going! We have a lot of plans for future episodes. Yarn bombing knitting groups. Remote, on location yarn shopping. Guests from all across the world. And more importantly, a keen push to get more men knitting. 🙂

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  1. Excellent move deciding to get rid of a fancy phone and settling for a more basic cellphone. That’s exactly the kind that I have and it’s really all that I need. Okay so I’m highly caffeinated as well here and I’ve been chuckling trying to define one of Phillip’s bloopers from one of your videos. The word is homophone, and it ties in here beautifully. What is it exactly? Finally, I got it! Homophone …. homo-phone. A gay person’s telephone, which may or may not be different from the phones that everybody else uses. Hahahahaha, I’m killing myself here! Please forgive the weird humour, it’s the coffee overdose.

  2. That is so great…Live and On Location! Can’t wait to see the new videos!
    Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!

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