Strange LOVE is in the AIR!

Good morning! Seems most of the country is in a chill right now, including us! So, I’ve made some pasta fagoli, simmering away on the stove, got my thermal on, and Phillip and I are going to go ahead and film our episode for tomorrow night this afternoon. We’ve been filming on Wednesday or Thursday so we have plenty of time to edit before Friday night. And THAT can take FOR-EV-ER.

After checking this morning, our loan balance is now down to $130. Once that is paid off, we’ll be doing so much better. So, why wait for it to be trimmed away $5 at a time? I’m going to have it paid off TODAY. That’s my goal, that’s my mission for the morning. So, if you see me online pushing and promoting Phillip’s Strange Friends and my tiny little mouse, don’t be turned off. 🙂 I’m dead set on having our debt paid off today. Goals are important, goals are paramount. You have to have something to accomplish and for myself, that would be mine for today.

So, take a peek at Phillip’s newest Strange Friends. You know he’s been doing 2 a day now, so if you think you’ve seen them all, you haven’t! I just uploaded another to our shop a few minutes ago.

Everyone have a wonderful day! We’ll see you tomorrow night for Episode 4 (yes, 4!) of our our show Knitter Be Damned when we do a St. Patrick’s day special!

Now, watch out world, here I come! I’m gonna pay off my loan today. WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!

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