Holding on to the Best Moments Ever

I know that the new adventure Phillip and I have embarked on may not be suited for many of my followers. I understand that ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s quite ok. But, I have to say that doing the episodes of our show with Phillip have been some of the best moments ever. We may be a little crass, and we may be a touch controversial, but we appreciate what one of our friends said. “You’re like the bad boys of knitting….” And we rather like that.

I’ve always had a tendency to switch things up, move in new directions, or rather, as my father once said, “Don’t do one thing and do them better than everyone else. Do them differently.” I understand what that means. But, I’ve loved these moments with my husband. It’s not only a show for the rest of you to view, but a catalog of sorts for the two of us. We don’t mean to offend, but much of the world gets triggered now. Anything and everything will be used against you in the court of public opinion. But, why should we stop here? Do what you love….and I love doing this project with my husband.

Of course, I don’t spend as much time writing my blog as I used to, but that’s ok, too. I love writing more than I can ever dare to confess, because here, with words, I’m allowed to tap into a certain part of my soul that is not easily approached. It’s an interesting place where I feel the value of who I am can be readily seen and heard, for silence is required when I write. I shall hear no other voice than my own. Because, I get to listen to the whisper of that REAL voice that intrudes with a softness, demands a little patience, and asks only for payment that I actually listen. So, my blog, my writing, is a moment where those shiny moments of life outside are culled into a quiet form of meditation, a blanketing comfort in true reality, where the strength of what I may say rest only on the hands of what the interior, quiet part of who I am may be afforded some truth, for me to hear….for you to read.

Our show, on the other hand, is a completely different matter ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I enjoy my life in simple terms. There are no grandiose moments on this end. Nothing wildly gilded in opulence. ย We find pleasure in the most overlooked things. And for us, at this time, the best moments ever are looking forward to doing our show, spending a day to let off steam, drink a beer, smoke cigarettes, be outrageous, and let it all go. I work constantly. Some may say, too much. But, it’s the vision and the dream that take me to an overindulgence in securing some kind of future for myself that I don’t allow myself too much playtime. Hence, why these episodes mean so much to me. I get a day to break out, let loose, and laugh at the madness of knitting with my husband.

We’re slowly building an audience for our show, and people do seem to really like our “authenticity” and “freshness.” We’re not stale people talking about our knitting projects. We’re vibrant, loud men talking about this life in the world of knitting, swilling beer and being profane. We’re the end of the day for those who find their projects stressful. We’re the commanders of those who feel disenchanted with the craft. We’re shepards of those who feel booted from knitting groups. We’re the callers of the lonely in this art form, the rebellious voice for those who don’t want to feel obligated to knit on behalf of a project they don’t believe in. We’re becoming knitting cult heroes ๐Ÿ™‚

So, to the supporters I’ve had for so long, I hope you’ll find some forgiveness if ย I decide for a short while to let loose and enjoy. I know (from messages) that some of you are a little shocked at our videos and I understand. But, if guilty pleasures can be found for a fleeting moment, take them, hold on to them, for when the reality of life takes such a hold of you, you’re going to day dream about those moments.

I was the homeless knitter who was rescued by the world. But, I’m not that man anymore. It took me seven years to get to this point. Yes, seven long years that included homelessness, fear, hunger and controversies that nearly sent me back to the streets. Seven years to get to the point where I could hold my life as my own. I’m flying free, one hand held to my husband, the other reaching for the stars. I have to be allowed to explore and try new things, accomplish something other than the memories of the past. And while looking for what may come in the future, I have to enjoy what is happening right here and now.

And right now? I’m enjoying some of the best moments ever….. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way…..have you seen my pig? Or my new mouse? See? That’s me having fun again….Not a teddy bear, but a pig ๐Ÿ™‚

Take a look around at our shop….Phillip’s Strange Friends are looking….well, stranger than ever.

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  1. Gregory, you continue to astound me. I don’t always share your opinion. I may disagree with you about some things. But far above all that I respect you and hold you in high regard. It is not easy to find one’s authentic voice. It is not easy to establish a strong sense of “Self” when that “Self” is outside the parameters of society’s expectations. Your fierce determination to do just that is an inspiration.

  2. Hi Gregory, I don’t always have the patience to watch the entire episodes, but I do understand your urge to just let go, and you are lucky, your husband is a lovely, warm hearted man!

    The mouse you did was great, but the pig … sorry, the pig does not look very piggish. It just looks like a teddybear with vertical nostrils. The ears are wrong, the snout has to be longer, and it needs the little tail … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I loved the animals you made to accompany your book! And Philip’s strange friends are so wonderful as well! I usually see your new works 8 hours later than your American readers, and normally everything is sold out by then … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Gregory and Phillip: Love, love, love your videos! I feel like they give your followers an opportunity to get to know a whole different side of you that didn’t always come through in your writing alone. We are all multi-faceted human beings and it’s so refreshing to see you both put that all out there for the world to see, whether or not people agree with what you say or not. I must admit, I was a bit shocked at first by some of the language but the shock soon wore off and you left me laughing my head off. I was never offended, mind you, just surprised at first. I am eagerly awaiting the next ones, hoping to get a glimpse of your neighborhood and the places that you visit on a regular basis. I love your new mouse and I haven’t seen the pig yet, but I’m going to check that out shortly. I love Phillip’s strange friends too, especially the one that looks a bit like a rhinoceros or a horse??? Not sure exactly what creature that one is supposed to be but that’s what makes it so charming. Most of your creations are usually sold by the time I get around to looking at them but that’s okay because it means that you’ve got enough revenue coming in to pay your bills and enjoy life a little bit. It’s a pleasure for me just looking at them and discovering all the new ones that surface in your shop. Keep doing what you do, cheers!

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