“KNITTER BE DAMNED” Ep5. “Movin’ On Up”

We love you all so much. You have no idea. In this week’s episode we touched on how we are now out of debt and able to start saving money; how we cannot thank you enough for loving our new show, and of course, you’re always welcome here, in our fold, in our hearts. Enjoy the show 🙂 And as always, ladies are welcome, but fellas are encouraged….



  1. You guys are so crazy. And such an anomaly (or contradictory?) in every way possible. You’re gay but conservative. You knit but you’re guys. You’re irreverent, sarcastic, caustic, but deeply kind and caring and pretty darn mushy on the inside. You say things that offend. And you say things that demonstrate the deepest sort of acceptance. You make the most persnickety comments about the English language while using highly charged slang, colloquialisms, and colorful profanity because you simply don’t care what people think. I join you in hating stupid, parroted language gaffs. It’s pure laziness as far as I’m concerned!

    So while I may hold deeply different views on some pretty important issues, I agree with you on the most fundamental foundation of who you are – your ardent belief that we all have a fundamental right to be who we are and that we should be true to who we are rather than pandering to the expectations of anyone else.

    You continue to inspire!

  2. the ‘funky’ yarns are often used as scarfs or with a normal wool to make a cushion cover, so you knit normal wool but then you knit every third line in the wool and the funky and get a hairy cushion etc. Which wool do you use? 100% wool? acrylic mix? or acrylic? 🙂 my own stash needs thinning and I would love to send some your way but not sure what you would like?

  3. Thanks for the chuckles, you never disappoint. And by the way, what happened to that poor possum that was in the road?

  4. Hi guys! It’s me – Jenny Pluta. Good to know the box arrived. Glad to see you having so much fun and happy the old debt is paid and hopeful that you can manage this years taxes without too much stress. Now, about that yarn. I honestly didn’t knit with all of it, some of it was stuff I bought with good intentions and it never got anywhere. I was knitting charity hats and scarves and using the novelty yarn either as trim or held along with another yarn. I had intentions of knitting or crocheting some bowls and also the Mason/Dixon pattern for mitered boxes and using the novelty yarns as trim around the tops. So, like I said, use what you can and pass along what you can’t. Y’all keep having fun and happy knitting/crocheting!

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