Martha is Gonna Kill Me

I meant no disrespect, I only meant to offer some sort of homage in a tone that isn’t so….high brow? Because I wanted to give credence to those of us that do seek perfection, while reminding that we’re not perfect in any sense what so ever. Nothing will be perfect. Not even those that strive for perfection. Because when you get down to it, if we finally achieve perfection, there will be nothing left to strive for.

And yes, Phillip can attest, that I actually do spend countless hours mindfully striving for my own version of what perfection means. And I love that in our show I’m seen as imperfect, lavishly over worn, slightly vulgar, disrespectful…honest about my thoughts, marred by my verbiage. Perfectly imperfect. And that is why I wanted to start doing these youtube videos, this we call a “show.” Because I had to find a way to steer myself out of the need to be perfect.

I had to find a way to catalog realism, rather than impression. I had to find a way to strip the narrative of the sad, homeless knitter, and show that actually live is pretty good now. I want you to see me laugh. I want you to see me enjoying life. I want you to see that when tension is lifted, there is nothing stronger that a man owns, save his sense of humor. As we’ve all seen, I’ve had hell thrown at me, and I survived it. I did more than survive it, I took it to task. To keep from being a sullen, victimized participant in the game of life, I’ve chosen instead to laugh at it. The caricature that was built from my past is being slowly eroded. What is being shown now, is a man that genuinely realizes that laughing is the only way to ease emotional pain. Enjoy the show 🙂 By the way, have you seen how mad Phillip has gone with his new Strange Friends?



  1. I laughed so hard at your podcast. Goodness! Perfection is impossible to attain and frequently people drive themselves insane striving for it. My thought is …the only perfect person is Jesus Christ. I cannot be Him I have to be me but at the same time I face that I am accepted for whom I am rather than who I can be if I strive for perfection. I may not agree with everything you say or do but I respect you because you are a voice among millions calling out for people to have common sense, human decency, kindness, and love. Be who you are, that’s all that matters. I love your bears but Phillips Strange Friends really make me smile.

  2. Hello. I have watched every single episode of Knitter Be Damned so far, and you guys are a hoot. I watched episodes 5 and 6 yesterday (while working on a patchwork afghan), and at one point during episode 5 I found myself singing the “Golden Girls” theme along with you. I hope you guys have as much fun making it as we do watching it. Don’t change a thing.

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